Suggestion: Fix too many heroes dying off too quickly.

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Problem: Clans are dying off too fast. I know the heroes dying creates intrigue, and it does add a lot to the game when combined with marriage childbirth and all that. But the problem is that they're dying off too frequently. It takes 18 years for their kids to grow up (that is if they stop warring long enough to get married to begin with). It seems like every time I join in in the warring, at least two or three heroes die in battle within a a couple of battles. That rate is way too high. At the rate it's going, the children of a clan have no chance to come into play because they become 'lost' when a clan is destroyed. And if you made an effort to get a clan into your kingdom, it's all for nothing.

Solution: Instead of adjusting the chances of death in battle, add an algorithm that triggers when a hero takes a lethal blow. The algorithm should check to see how long it's been since a member of their clan died in battle, or in childbirth, or of old age. If it's been longer then 3 years (for examples sake), then they die in battle. But if it has not been that long, then the death blow becomes a wound. Something like this would be easier than reducing the chances of a death blow in battle and create more population stability rather than having 3 members of the same clan die within 2 battles. This is one of those times where realism doesn't create an enjoyable experience.
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