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Suggestion: Different class sets for each game type.

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TW clearly wants preset classes very badly, but at the same time they want Universal Balance for both "RTS" and "FPS" version of their game. How about they make it so that mechanics, items stats, character stats and perks effects work the same across all game modes, but each game mode has different (but overlapping at times) sets of classes all built upon this Universal Balance™?

For example:
- for skirmish, have set of classes that are all good at duelling and can stand up to all other classes with very close gold cost (worth per spawn).
- for tdm and siege have set of classes that has some classes from skirmish replaced with specialised classes (like shock troops, ranged units with very weak melee etc.) that require targeting specific classes among enemies. Use small gold cost difference here as well (players don't like having bad kdr cuz they use 100 gold class vs 200 gold class).
- for captain, have a set of classes that consists mostly of specialised classes (using specialised classes from tdm/siege+captain exclusives), therefore creating a rock-paper-scissors setup again within Universal Balance™. This mode can have classes that have high difference in gold cost per members because individual bots don't care about being worth 0,5 of another.

The last thing I would want to see is more BS like "Small weak shield". It is the direct effect of trying to make each class viable in every game mode setup, which is simply impossible. With above recommendation, shieldless, fast, 2h would simply not appear in skirmish mode (neither would probably the horse archer) in favour of some classes that would actually work well in that mode. Also the whole perk system would no longer have to be used as a duct tape fix to hold the overall balance together.

This is a casul's take on fixing bannerlerd ok?


This have been said millions of times, I have also said it. The different game modes needs different balancing, different gear or even different classes if that's what it takes. If they change something to be more effective im skirmish that change will have a water ripple effect totally destroying the balance of a class in Captain where you have multiple of these units.
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