[Suggestion] Decapitations in main game

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Hello all,

I've recently installed a mod, which allows player and AI to decapitate enemies. Decapitation chance and other options can be adjusted, what is great!
However, I've noticed really small glitches in the mod (not annoying). So it came to my mind; if TaleWorlds would add base decapitation mechanics, I'd be something truly amazing, fully physics supportive with options to adjust those settings as well.

The game main structure (for the players) lies on battles mostly, adding this kind of feature is a big improvement with as same as big satisfaction for the players themselves. I do not see any possible negative effects, community and gameplay based if decapitations would be added, but only favour.

Warhammer 2 used to add purchasable "Gore DLC", honestly I'd pay for this kind of DLC for Bannerlord 2.

Does the team plans to add this feature? I'd like to know!
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