Suggestion: create new damage type: primitive

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There are some low-tech weapons, that should not work properly versus any kind of armor. I am talking thrown rocks, wooden hammers - you guess it: rabble weapons.

AFAIK, blunt weapon damage ignores 100% of armor - so am I told. Makes sense A BIT, since we are talking concussions and deforming armor with heavy stuff like maces.
But we are definitvely not talking cracking open plated armor with a wooden cudgel or rock.

So introduce the damage type primitive to the poorest of weapons in the game and let it work like this:
- on unarmored body parts they do normal damage
- armor is +50% more efficient versus those as bonus to what they do normally

Yes, this would create situations where knights on foot charge legions of looters and emerge victorious like units of riot police does with mobs of protesters. But in any way I find this very immersive and working as intended. Keep blunt damage for better weapons like real maces or stuff with a kind of metal head - smith's hammer would be a thing to get blunt already, but wooden hammers, rocks, knives, cudgels should be seen as weapons of desperation and work as such.

Also, could help to avoid getting mauled by random looters (magical bag of infinite rocks) in late-game with best armor on
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