Suggestion: Create more granularity in the Order of Battle system

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Edit: I typed this a week or two ago, and didn't intend to submit it, especially in the wrong category. I clicked into this saved draft and accidentally submitted it and there's no way to delete it, so feel free to read it if you want but there's already been plenty of feedback related to this topic :smile:

An issue I've noticed in the Order of Battle system is that there isn't enough granularity in where you can put specific kinds of troops, and this stems from the fact that wildly different kinds of units can exist in the same broad troop category.

As of now, there are functionally four categories. Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, Horse Archer. My main issue is honestly with Cavalry.

Within the Cavalry category, there exist loads of different potential archetypes. From Shock Cav to Skirmishers to Light Lancers, etc. etc. Due to a pretty serious lack of granularity, it means that all of these units get stuffed into the same groups. Sure, you can prioritize specific weapon classes for different groups, but it's difficult and annoying to get the numbers precise enough using the sliders such that you're not including units that don't belong in said group, or missing units that do.

Another separate issue is that for infantry units specifically, I really want to specialize each infantry group with specific kinds of infantry. I want a group for my shield wall, a group for my two-handed linebreakers, and maybe a group with throwing weapons as well. The issue, again, is that the weapon preference system isn't sufficient for this, and even if it was, the sliders are an annoying way of trying to make it work.

The solution is pretty simple.

Allow us to only let specific units into groups. One group might only be made up of Swadian cavalry while another group might be made up of Aserai noble units.

The in-game command system can do a lot of the work afterwards. If I want my Aserai noble units to act as shock cav, I can simply tell them to hold fire. If I want them to skirmish and throw their throwing weapons, I can command for that as well. It would make a big difference if we could choose the units that would belong in each group, sort of how we could in the party screen before this new system was implemented.
I agree with this, the sliders end up putting the wrong troops in a group unless you judge it perfectly, it isn't intuitive enough. Instead of "give priority" just let us pick the troop type. I'd also like to make groups of say 50/50 Archers and Shield infantry so I can do weird stuff like make 3 Squares on the battle field.
Absolutely. The problem gets even worse outside of infantry. There are 2 kinds of archers. Crossbowmen and and bowmen, and they are used for very different strategies in which mixing doesn’t work great. Need granularity based on troop class
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