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  • Character System
    • New perks that will likely be added on a per skill basis. You can see the beginning of this in our latest beta version (e1.4.0).
    • Skill Progression & Effects Balancing
  • Issues and Quests
    • Adding New Quests
    • Improving the issue creation algorithm so that players are more likely to experience a broad scope of possible issue quests without sacrificing their ties to our ingame world.
Taking from the Roadmap (ty so much for that), I'd like to suggest something that I've always thought should be a major part of BL since, idk, 2014 or something.

Based upon mods like Prophecy of Pendor, I've always found that having ways to boosting skills or weapons proficiency (back in Warband it was different, obviously) was a really good idea. So, Since you'll be working on both, I've seen an opportunity to make a relevant suggestion, though I don't know how people feel about it, I for one would love what I'm about to suggest.

What composes my suggestion is to add ways to gain XP through some more rare or unique quests directly (simple, but interesting), and on top of that, maybe add quests that can raise the cap for certain skills, either by donating focus points, or by simply adding a hidden perk that adds X amount to the learning limit. This would do wonders for end-game without killing the ability of making the infamous "jack-of-all-trades", but adding challenge to do so, which automatically could be balanced by either locking said quests behind long questlines, or, locking them as end-game exclusive where they only pop up once you either have a kingdom, or level 5+ clan, etc.

To me it'd be a great addition, similar to the blue cabbage from Prophecy of Pendor, but implemented in a less weird way :smile:

What do you people think? Am I asking for something too absurd? Would you like it? Any complementary ideas?