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The Yogi

This is another thing that always bothered me since the original M&B and Warband, and which I had hoped would be fixed in Bannerlord - the way party speed is calculated. A marching army always move at the speed of its SLOWEST soldier, not at the average speed of all the soldiers.

This means a mixed army of horse and foot moves at foot speed. And in fact, cavalry, over long distances, also moves not much faster than very well trained infantry. For short periods of time, of course, horse can be much faster than foot. Also troops can force march, greatly increasing the distance they can travel in a day at the cost of exhaustion.

What I would propose is this:

1) Parties move at slowest troop type speed.
2) Parties can march or force march. Force marching eventually causes men to become wounded (ie exhausted, foot sore etc). Troops whose normal marching speed is greater than the party's force marching speed do not suffer such attrition.
3) Wounded men can be carried by spare horses, thus increasing force marching endurance.
4) If there are more wounded men than spare horses, they "die" (ie become stragglers and leave the army).
5) Cavalry has slightly higher marching speed than infantry, but greatly higher force marching speed.
6) High tier troops have slightly higher marching speed than low tier - nothing dramatic though, maybe in the order of 20% for highest tier over lowest tier.

This, IMHO would greatly improve campaign play and make it both more realistic and fun.
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The Yogi

Another thing that really should affect movement is of course supplies/food. Sure, you can have a quadrillion horses carrying your munchies, but of course, horses eat too… a ton of grain. In reality, you'd need supply wagons, which were slow - so a large army with food for a couple of weeks for the men and animals would be slowed down by it.


What if I have 178 mules, 190 steepes horses and 78 desert horses in my party of 180 men.
Can't they all then move at mounted speed on the main map?

Cause I really do have that many horses. I am the horse lord. They taste delicious.

The Yogi

I'd say you'd move no faster than mule speed, which I'd say is not much faster (if at all) than footman marching speed.

And if food for animals is also included in the army food requirements (as it should, an army on the move can not stop for grazing, which would take most of the day any way), then I'd say you will need your mules to carry provisions for both men and animals. Of course, they should not be able to carry more than a few days worth, any more than that, and you should have to bring wagons.
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