[Suggestion+BugFix] Re-Enable Command Spam In Multiplayer

Enable Unrestricted Battle Command Callouts

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Battle commands appear to be rate limited in the latest patch.
Changelog: https://www.taleworlds.com/en/News/341
  • Implemented a Voice Spamming Filter for multiplayer
Revert this thanks. It's great to be able to use voice spam as a form of taunt and fun with other players at opportune, and inopportune, times. I also suspect this may interfere with the ability to micro AI on the battlefield.

The only effect it has is stopping the obnoxiousness of the spam, not its AI gameplay effects

Not true on both counts. For one it is a hilarious tool for communication, and I have never seen it it used obnoxiously. It's great when a player begins to spam, and other players join in on a mutual understanding for a time. It's fantastic as an improvised taunt between armies. It is a tool with many uses for communication and freedom of expression. Ultimately it is up to us players to mediate interactions between ourselves and use the tools of the game how we see fit !
On the second, you can't command your units with fine granularity once you are rate limited and hence you cannot micro AI, and your ability to adapt to everchanging situations has been unduly restricted for all of us, for NO GOOD REASON. Bring, back, commands!
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