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Can we get an option that allows us to see a simple dialogue box for bandit encounters instead of the current conversation screen? I don't know how it is on everyone else's system, but those load screens are cumbersome even though they don't take but a few seconds. Like I said, a few seconds loading and few seconds back to the map is cumbersome when you're hunting bandits.


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Fun Fact: Warband had 3 loading screens, but because of low textures it actually worked out, but i guess not here until it's more optimized.


I agree with this. As the conversations are also very repetitive I would even get a step further and suggest just an 'attack by default' option that leaves out all the unneccessary talk an just goes straight to battle.
agreed, why do we have to click through the same chat. Straight to the fight/leave screen. Same with captured lords - why not combine them all in single scene and just click through them one by one, but without reloading scene?
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