Suggestion: Allow a mechanic for kingdoms to end without execution (a few ideas for how this could be implemented below)

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In many playthroughs of mine, I'll end up starting a new kingdom off of the same kingdom I was a vassal too. Recently I renounced my oath and kept my fiefs, quite fun stuff. The issue is that there isn't a particularly good way to resolve the civil war because it's incredible tedious (and relation-destroying) to execute everyone in the last remaining clan. I'm not interested in that, and I think there should be more options for kingdoms to end. Below are some ideas.

1. In the Encyclopedia, it would sometimes (I think this functionality may have been removed or is broken) say that the player character, when they are a ruler of a kingdom after having been a vassal to another kingdom, is engaged in a Civil War. I don't understand the way in which the game dictated how to give that tag, but in any event, a system is already in place or can be created that can, given a few criteria, decide whether or not a Civil War is occurring. In the event that one is, should the player character be winning said Civil War, they should be able to diplomatically end the Civil War with the opponent ruler. There could be a few options:

A) The player character bargains to rejoin the other kingdom with all subordinate clans, with all fief ownership being retained both for the player character and his used-to-be vassal clans (perhaps companion-created clans could be excluded by some cultures for various non-noble related reasons!).

B) This same idea, but opposite. Instead, the opponent ruler clan would bargain to join the player character's kingdom with all associated clans. Again, all clans would join with their fiefs still in their possession.

This would be useful because the player character has a lot of control. If you're one who wants to end Civil War quickly to gain power equal to the neighboring states, this is useful (albeit perhaps quite expensive and requiring a high charm). If you're like me and want to absolutely crush the opponent kingdom and give every fief to clans of your choosing, then when the opponent kingdom is in ruins with no fiefs and no subordinate clans, you can bargain with the ruler clan to have them renounce their rulership and join your faction.

This would also be preferable because as of now, the ruler clan seems to be unrecruitable. In fact, they'll stubbornly declare war on you and other kingdoms for as long as they can, hiring mercenaries who could otherwise be used for more legitimate wars. I've always wanted to recruit the ruler clans into my kingdom and this would be a feature that could allow for that at least in Civil War cases.

2. Ruler clans could potentially renounce their rulership and join another faction on their own similarly to how subordinate clans already switch their allegiances.

3. Ruler clans could also just exile themselves instead. It might be odd for ruler clans to join other kingdoms, so exile could also be a reasonable option.

So that's about it, I hope this suggestion is useful :smile:


Nice suggestions, it would've been great if they just did like Warband where once a timer runs out the fiefless factions are eliminated
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