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War and tactics are fundamental parts of M&B. But i think the tactical options are lacking. Here are my suggestions:

1. Charge.
Usually you would want specific troops such as Cavalry to target other specifik troops such as Archers. But charge is limited to just a simple attack.
Suggestion: Add the option to target specifik targets such as: Archers, Cavalry, Nobles Etc. But also charging specifik parts of the enemy army such as: Left flank, right flank, flank behind the enemy etc.

2. Troop Division.
We now have a system were we can divide the army into its simple parts. Infantry, archers, cavalry, heavy infantry etc. But that makes the options on the battlefield kinda limited.
Suggestion: Being able to split your troops, such as heavy infantry, into coherts or divisions. So for example a heavy infantry troop with 100 troops gets split into as many coherts as the player wants with the option of selecting all or specifik coherts. Or a heavy cavalry troop is split into 2 and put on each side of your army. Etc

3. Predetermined Deployment.
At the start of the battle all troops are always mixed.
Suggestion: Being able to predetermine how the army is set up before a battle.

4. Moral.
Since moral is a big part of the system, a good tactician should be able to see the moral of his troops.
Suggestion: Show the moral for various parts of your army. This will make (2) troop divisions more useful. If one division is losing moral fast, it might need support from for example cavalry.

All this is to add depth to the tactic option and a more challenging AI.
As a General, you should in my opinion be able to control the flow if the battle and turn impossible battles into wins through tactics.


Definitely feel this needs work. Managing cavalry especially feels like a nightmare. Under AI command (where I am part of the army, but not overall commander) it seems they can order cavalry in much more nuanced ways than the player.

I've had the idea in my head that there should be contextual commands based on the unit/control group. Order archers to skirmish specifically, or tell them to volley fire or pick their targets. Order cav to flank left/right, or cycle charge. Order infantry to brace, heavy infantry to flank etc. Initiating any kind of hammer & anvil seems overly micro intensive, with mixed results.

And especially order units to focus on specific groups/formations of targets.
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