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There was an earlier post on the hideouts issue.
What's up with hideouts?
After thinking and drawing on the opinions of others, I think the hideouts gameplay can be improved as follows:

1. The hideouts is divided into small hideouts and large hideouts. And in a certain area of the map. The number of small hideouts exceeds a certain range (such as, 3) and this area will generate large hideouts.

2. Bandits in large hideouts will form small bandit families (level 3 or 4). The small bandit families have their own bandit troops, which can conscript in their large hideout, garrison troops in large hideouts, and attack villagers, caravans and stray bandits (bandits and soldiers can be recruited);

3. Small bandit families can be hired by the Lord to accept quests (not joining the faction, but not attacking the employer), such as: burning villages, attacking the Lord's army, etc.

4. The leader of a bandit in a large hideout can be recruited by the king as a Lord, and has evil character, and the king's relationship with the landlords of the continent will decline.

5. Players can build large hideouts after reaching level 3 of their family level, but recruitment of noble soldiers was affected;

6. When looting is too frequent, the player's bandit identity is exposed and the player must dress up to go to town like Mount & Blade Warband;

7. The Lord with high reconnaissance skills, can find hideouts in the patrol, and choose whether to attack according to the relationship and security in nearby cities. Soldiers in hideout can tell the player to rush back to guard their homes,and the gameplay is the same as protecting the village.

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