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For grying out loud... God damnit.. Suddenly when i wanna travel from one port to another, The game screen freeses, I cant do anything, The Boat freeses and then nothing happens, I have to delete the game, And start all over... Please fix this devs
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also had no lesss than three charachters stuck on transports and cant get them off so i cant play with them. guess im teleporting everywhere now. introducing Cortegund the dissaparating VIKING
The ships getting stuck during travel hit me during my first playthrough. I was forced to leave Firese after following the storyline to get revenge on Sven and being betrayed by a Jarl. So, logically I went to the nearest port and tried to get out. This prompted me to move a small distance, and get stuck. Saving & Exiting was my only apparent option and as I use the single save game mode, I essentially got stuck there with no way to backtrack. It is rather disappointing to see this occur in the main narrative path of the game, on my first playthrough. I was worried I would be stuck completely, it certainly looked that way. Finally I did find a way out, and I hope it helps other players:

I have noticed the ships move a short distance forward and then get stuck. By saving, exiting and reloading the game to allow them to move a little again, you can actually get to your destination .

I actually lost track of the ships as the camera would not move, but after a few minutes of saving, exiting, reloading and waiting a few seconds while I assumed they would move a few paces, the ships did actually reach the port of destination and I was able to continue playing. Seemingly normally. I must have saved/loaded over a dozen times to get to Dunwic from Dorestad.

I really hope this works for you guys!
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