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[Submod] Alternative Factions

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Hello everyone  :grin: , waiting for the next release I wanted to share my work with all the fans of this fantastic mod.
Premise 1 : I ask pardon in advance for any possible rule broken and ask the admin to close the post immediately if necessary.
Premise 2 : I am not a modder , and my only tool was the Morgh's editor


-Why I created this submod ?
-There is no particular reason , I love this mod , but now after playing so much I wanted to try something new and to change some of the game mechanics.
Unfortunately I have not had much time to test long so expect everything  :lol:


- Totally reworked Marinian and Swadian Faction and other major changes to Imperial and Rhodoks
- Realistic Historical units name( I am an History Fan :mrgreen: ) , with more difference from faction to faction.
- Extended troop tree and general rebalancing of units.
- Changed intro music.

Changes to faction


When the first time I saw The Imperial , I thought wow this is my favorite faction.
But I could not " endure " the view of crossbows so I proceeded to replace them with bows . Besides remembering the Cretan archers who used a shield along with his bow , I wondered why it could not also have my Imperial archer, and the result is this :




The Archer-Shield system works perfectly as mechanics , they shoot and protect themselves from enemy fire at the same time .
I limited this peculiarity to the imperial archers as to make them even more unique.

The second new feature is the introduction of palangiti of Alexander the Great , to do what I had to change some parameters of a pike and the result is this :



I also wanted to make the most realistic possible the equipment of the troops in the Roman style , I introduced the pilum ( an antarian javelin modified ) and more ..

Antarian Empire
I did not want to make no drastic change except to add two new troops that were associated too well with their style , inspired by the French cavalry of the late middle ages : Demilancers (lance only) and the Gendarme :



Their charge is devastating but they have the weakness that once unhorsed they remain slow and clumsy

Kingdom of Aden

Changes just in terms of balance, equipment and the names of troops

Zerrikanian Sultanate

When I see the repeating crossbow I could not resist to introduce the crossbowman chukenu



Added Berserkr

Villianese Duchy

Changed name of sharpshooters to rangers and introduced the sentinels :



Kingdom of Rhodoks
The rhodoks in my opinion was a faction too similar to swadians and marinians with no peculiarities, so I introduced the archer-shield system to pavise crossbowmen, now can really take advantage of this shield becoming best crossbowmen of ponavosa obviously I narrowed this ability only to them and make them unique.


I also changed the infantry and mounted crossbowmen, thus making the rhodoks a faction unique and geared to a defensive style.


Reworked some of the existing ones of and added shining eagle knights, reiter , Doppelsöldner (no screen)




And here we are at one of the two major changes, when the first time I saw this faction did not say anything about that, seeing their position I had an idea to make them completely different and make them ...



This is just a small taste, all the rest you will find out..


The second  major changes, Swadian one of the oldest factions mount and blade that does not have anything special and are obscured by factions emerging, well aware of who they are, they are back in a style totally new..
Find out for yourself :mrgreen:

I sincerely hope that the opening of this post may have caused any problem, and if I make my excuses in advance.
I thank the authors of this fanstatic mod and wait impatiently for the next release
If somehow I inspired any of your idea for the next release I'd be honored  :wink:

PS : If the sub mod is approved, I will post the download link  :mrgreen:


Here's the download link for the submod : http://www.mediafire.com/download/xp929njh720346f/SDW+Alternative+Factions.rar

Installation Guide :

1- Create a copy of your Sword of Damocles Warlords mod in your Modules Folders with another name, for example "Sword of Damocles Warlords - Alternative Factions Submod"
2- In this new copy of the mod copy files into the folder of the file .rar
3- When it asks you to combine folders and replace the files, put Yes
4- Enjoy the submod  :grin:
5- If there are problems of any kind or any advice please write them  :mrgreen:

UPDATE 30/11/2017

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I did not play M&B, but I've been playing it recently, it's always fun! :grin:
I looked at the old projects I started years ago, I did not finish them because I was very busy, here are some screens of what I had done:

New Veagir units with some cool stuff

What? The swadian muskeeter are ready to shoot you with their unique muskets!

Or to stab you with their bayonets!

A real reiter..


New mercenaries come to Ponavosa... Gryphon Legion! :twisted:

With unique weapons...

Their cavalry use special short carabines that can be use with shield and its very effective!

There were also other new weapons, equipment, units, but I can not remember it anymore, has been a long time!
Do not think that firearms are overpowered,they have their historical limits and advantages, but I think that is cool to see how their mechanics works in that contest.
This mod was already rich in content, it was not easy to think of new ideas to fill those tiny gaps that in my opinion remained, but it was fun to do it!
I was not a modder, the files I had taken from WFS and Napoleon, I do not know if it is allowed to publish, I did it for myself for the sole purpose of fun :smile:
If it's approved by the modder I might post the update in the future if anyone is interested :wink:


Right lads...... KILL HIM!!!!!!!  :twisted:

Nah just kidding! You all right!

We had someone else make their own submod/modmod mod!

I am sure Compy will be fine with it, it is all good fun anyway! (He is welcome to contradict me but he rarely does!)

We have a lot of 'behind the scenes' thinking that has been going on for.....yep it is actually years! On all the factions, making them more diverse, more stylised and balanced, etc. (at least in theory) None of it has taken form yet, because the current state of the mod process is the reconstruction (and construction) of all the various interworking, underlying game mechanics.

It is always fun to see people putting out their own ideas and concepts, and well done of the cretan archer shield system.

I am guessing you have played the marinians out as a kind of Papal/Knights of St. John style.

This is quite possibly the polar opposite of where we are taking them, but that just makes it all the more fun!

Our design system is something more 'ahistorical' taking a lot of tactics, equipments and compositions from history, pushing them up into the late medieval, early renaissance sort of era, then we get to watch them all fight it out to see who's best, all the while having fun trying to guess the historical inspirations behind them! :grin:

It would be cool to see more pics and text content on what you have done. To see the shape your factions have taken.

Also if you want to PM to chat about your ideas as well, feel free, because hey it is just fun!


Thanks for the appreciation LibSpit. Not having available different clothes I had to invent a faction with what I had, it is true does not follow a historical line I think is accurate but more varied in terms of the game and thus more fun. They are now in the testing phase, I thought they were stronger as I created them and instead it seems that battles are not able to have big wins. This is perhaps due to the fact that the shooters used by the AI run towards the enemy instead of shooting from a distance, so I'm trying to put the guns that do not allow you to recharge on the move to avoid this problem, but they are still too few in comparison of archers and crossbowmen .. I will be working on  :wink:

As requested here is some screen of swadians  :mrgreen: :








While I noticed that the war machine rhodoks works perfectly and are a powerful faction with unique style  :grin:







ah the good old rhodok belly shield!! :grin: I like the executioner blade :smile:

I see you made the swadians into something a bit like the conquistador mercs :smile: They have almost become marinian! :grin:
Nice, those Neo-Cretan archers with the shields look excellent. I always wonders if it was possible to do it. Is the bow and shield one model or are they independent?


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I tossed him the source code everyone so he is free to fully mod the game. Let me know if anyone else wants the source for the 2nd last release of SODW.


Get it before the entirely obliterated version is created!

We will unpave the parking lot and put up a paradise!


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madmaximillian said:
Nice, those Neo-Cretan archers with the shields look excellent. I always wonders if it was possible to do it. Is the bow and shield one model or are they independent?
If I remember right it's a change in the weaponry so some bows can be wielded with a shield.


Is correct, a modification very simple but very beautiful, I simply place the flag of a bow instead of two-handed one-handed, and the change is made  :mrgreen:
The names are all carefully researched and existing, for the imperials I created a mix of Roman units and soldiers of ancient Greece (for example the Macedonians)  :wink:
Has anyone tested the submod? What do you think? :roll:
in this period I am very busy and have no time to do anything :sad: :cry:, I tried for 50 game days, join with the swadians , but I noticed that they are too less in comparison to the Knights and foot soldiers of others factions, in my opinion rifles, muskets, pistols and all other firearm should be made realistic: very inaccurate, recharge long, but lethal to kill almost any soldier with one shot. Although I tried to do a rebalancing, I saw that is still not enough. This change would create an high level of fun and spectacular battles in my opinion  :grin:
I also believe that a way to start with no army, and equipment would make the game very difficult but challenging at the same time, I myself have sold everything at the beginning of the game to go as in the original Warband  :wink:


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I started with a Marinian Republic Army and then joined the Republic proper later. My memory of the Republic in vanilla is hazy, but I think your main difference is the noble troop tree and the cavalry. 3rd Tier noble troops are now cavalry. I haven't had many noble troops, I haven't had control of my village and town for long enough to acquire any.

Massed crossbows have destroyed almost everything so far. I excluesively send my Marinian recruits up the crossbow tree and amass them during battles. I'm using Imperial Troops for my infantry for the most part and collecting whatever cavalry I find in prisoners.


I don't know if this only happened to me, but the archive has an "unexpected ending" That has 1 missing file. Troops.txt. Used Yodot and still no troops.txt
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