[Sub-mod]1866: Western Mod - For a few years more


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Yep, only one or two times, then the game runs smooth. Again thank you for your help and thank you for new version of the mod.


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So. I got right MB version. I got 4Gb patch. I have downloaded and clean installed this mod. I use Iron Launcher to start MB. But i still get RGL errors on start , loading various .dds textures. MB is not using 4gb if memory at that time,or even 2. Cant play it.
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Hi guys,

I would like to ask one question, regarding the M&B 1.011
I am currently playing a Native Expansion v0.568 mod and would like to export my character.

I have done everything so far, what was available on the forums:
1. Clicked on character
2. Statistics
3. Export
4. etc. ...

The problem is that I was never able to find the txt file with my characters name.
I can remember, when I was using Win 7 OS, that I had to go to C:/User/Documents/Mount and Blade/Characters ... and there, I could modify my character. Is this happening because I am running the game on Win 8, please?

Moreover, after I exported the character, I was not able to import it in another gameplay - the message was that the file had not existed.
If a solution exists for that, could you please kindly direct me to the thread/website/etc.?

Thank you
Best regards
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This is so awesome that You took Your time @Antonis and worked on this. I remember playing this mod a lot of time, then warband and this again years ago. I've also tried to port the stuff myself to warband on local, but it was a mess TBH :smile: I'm a software engineer and sort of capable in working with Unity and C# as well, so If You would be interested in making something similar for Bannerlord then I could join and help on doing proper western mod we were missing in Warband.



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Thank you for your interest. Yeah, porting to Warband is pretty much impossible, sadly. Too many custom animations and scripts for it to work, especially without the Module System. As for Bannerlord, I would, but it is very early and from what I've seen so far, I don't know if the engine would be suitable for a Western theme.