Sturgian Troop tree

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I have brought this issue along with other people, but after watching a recent video by Mr Chicken Bannerlord on youtube it has given me a new idea. I think most would agree the Sturgian troop tree is troubled and while they have some good units it just doesn't have a good feel. The simple fix is to remove the sturgian heavy spearman entirely. The troop is redundant and loses to almost every other infantry type in the game. Give the spear to the sturgian heavy axeman and retool a few of its skill points. This would make it similar in kit to many of the other T5 troops and would free up the other upgrade option from the Sturgian spearman. This will be where the druzhinik will go. This gives Sturgia two valid options for cavalry without resorting to nobles.
Lastly, make the Sturgian noble line a really heavy shield troop or some kind of berserker. Either way it should have skills and armor in line with a T6 unit. I honestly think the noble units are more for player experience than they are for game balance. The ai is never going to mass recruit hundreds of noble troops, but the player will. This is what the devs should be catering to. Fun and unique gameplay experiences with each faction.
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