Resolved Stuck in loop after lord joins faction before battle + cannot complete daughter mission after village has been raided

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Two issues in here (one might be known, but did not find it explicitly in the "known issues" list):


Got attacked by 4 enemy lords at the same time. Managed to convince 1 to join my faction and side with me. We get into battle together, we win.
After battle, back on the map I try to move my party and the game goes back to talk with the lord that just joined my faction. Only options are the ones available to friendly lords. When I finish the conversation and go back again to the map, as soon as I click on the map to move my party again, I get back to the same conversation screen. I got stuck in this loop and had to resort to and old save.


Find the daughter quest. I killed the guy and have the daughter join my party. I go back to the village she belongs to, it has been raided. Cannot complete the mission (which time outs) because I cannot talk to anyone in the village.... on the other hand, if the village where the daughter has to be found has been raided, I can still walk around the village and find the daughter...


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, thank you for reporting these issues. Unfortunately, we weren't able to respond to this topic when it was first created.
Are you still experiencing these issues on the latest live or beta versions of the game? Please leave a reply below.


Community Support
Community Support
Hi, I will mark the issue as resolved. If you encounter the same one in the latest version, please let me know. Thanks!
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