Strike Witches Quest Finland - an Interactive Adventure!

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I was thinking more about turning. The things don't exactly look like they properly lend themselves to aerodynamic flight.
And as far as climb rate is concerned, we've got two magical engines on our legs, so I guess our thrust ratio isn't all too shabby.
Yeah, the Strikers will follow laws of physics - you can trade altitude for velocity but obviously a Witch is not going to rival any actual plane that outweighs her by an order of magnitude or more. The turning rate depends on her core muscles, as the Witch needs merely to move/twist her legs. The show is a little iffy when it comes to this, as sometimes they can switch from flying to hover in a second, but at other times they need to slow down first before turning. Basically, think of Strikers as a VTOL-capable craft and you're very close to the mark. Close enough for this thread, in any case  :razz:

"Hanna, coming down on your right, break left on my mark!" You shout through the radio and dive in. Pumping as much magic into your Strikers as you can, your air speed quickly grows and the invader craft looms larger. You swing the massive AT-rifle around and take careful aim.


Hanna surprises the sleds by making a gut-wrenching 90-degree turn to the left, dropping even closer to the foamy waves. Your target is slow to react - just as you hoped. You hardly even feel the recoil in your excitement as you pump a round after 20mm AP round into the damn thing. Then you're past the trio and start climbing, flipping around so that you can see the effect you had.

Your target is gone, though there is an oily ring in the water thats expanding. The other sled is turning in a large, wide circle - probably aiming for Estonia, since you're between it and the direct route to Leningrad. Hanna is also climbing and coming back to meet you.

"Kyllikki! So good to see you!" She exclaims. She has a Lahti-Saloranta M/26 light-machine gun on her back.

A) No time to chat as it's time to finish this. Take that thing down.
B) Check on Hanna and then head back, the last sled is not a threat.
C) Enlist Hanna to help taking out the sled.
"Hanna, can you herd that bastard towards me?" You ask as the wind picks up and tosses your braid. You're hovering in place, taking aim with the AT-rifle, though the distance is a bit too much.

"Can do Kyllikki, can do", she answers and you can hear the barely suppressed fury in her voice. She cuts her ascendancy and turns toward the sled, accelerating rapidly. As she unslings her LMG, the sled cuts to the side in a screaming dive.

"Wrong move buster", you whisper as you squeeze the trigger, willing the shell to go just right...

and it does. The shell cracks open what looks like the canopy. You spot a splash of green as the sled pirouettes down and splashes down into the Gulf.

"Hanna! Are you hurt?" You ask as you sling the massive rifle on your back and fly to her. She's shaking her head:
"No, I'm fine. But I lost them all", she explains. "Six of those things came from Leningrad and they just - ", she breaks off, brushing her face with a gloved hand.

"Come on, let's head back to base", you tell her, feeling awkward.

The return flight is uneventful and, soon enough, both of you land at the base.

A) Help the ground crews do maintenance on your Striker unit and see if you can learn something.
B) Go to the commander with Hanna and report.
C) Write-in.
C We report in, and then we swing by the engineers. They might have interesting equipment or prototypes we can talk them into letting us use.
B report,then help hanna get the better of a bottle of vodka.
Who knows, maybe ethanol gives you immunity to the sledge thingies armaments?
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