Strike Witches Quest Finland - an Interactive Adventure!

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You are Kyllikki Karhila, an ace Strike Witch in the No. 32 Squadron, in the middle of the Karelian Isthmus, December 1941.

Table of Contents
Prologue: A Strange Wake-Up
-immediately under the line-
Chapter 1: Fire In The Night

This is not an RP-thread. Rather, readers can participate in this quest through voting for the actions and decisions of the main character, which are given at the end of certain posts. Like this:

A) punch the guy in his smug face
B) don't like the odds and retreat
C) launch into a verbal offensive

In certain cases, I will leave the voting open-ended and ask the participants to come forth with their own suggestions. Discussion, debate and influencing the voting behaviour of other posters is highly encouraged.  This first post will be updated with more information as THE QUEST progresses.


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You lie, on your back, on a soft surface. You assume it's a bed. You open your eyes. The ceiling is pale grey, though you're not actually quite sure because as soon as you had opened your eyes, your vision became blurry and you realized you have a pretty bad headache. Not brain-splittingly horrifying but painful enough. Taking a calculated risk, you take a look around. While it does't make you feel any better, you can take in your surroundings. You are, indeed, lying in a white, iron-framed bed under a grey-blue blanket. Your bed is surrounded on three sides by white canvas walls, the sort of that hospitals use to create a false sense of privacy. The fourth side is behind you and seems to be a wall. There is a wooden nightdesk next to your bed, with some flowers and a newspaper lying on it. You hear sounds of people moving around, coming from behind the canvas walls.

You are most likely in a hospital.

The thought jolts you fully awake and alert. Holding your breath, you test your hands - both work. You run them across your body but find no bandages or scars. What you do find, is between your legs, reminding you that you are:

A) Female
B) Male


Female. Would be different.

This looks like an interesting idea.


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Yup, you feel intact and whole, your toes wiggle and your boobs are still perky. Aside from the headache, everything seems to be in order. Though you are naked.

As you ponder your fate and why you can't seem to remember anything, one of the canvas walls is pushed aside and a smiling nurse enters.

"Hello, Kyllikki! How are we doing? I'm glad to see you awake", she immediately says.

So, your name is Kyllikki.

A) Stay calm and find out what's going
C) ... head ... hurts ...


A) Stay calm and find out what's going

Also, how nude are we? Do we have one of those hospital shirts, a blanket, or are we quite stark?
Just curious.  :lol:


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"I have a headache but otherwise, I'm fine", you reply calmly.

The nurse nods and steps up to your bed, putting two fingers against your throat while digging out a pocket watch.

"So, what's going on? Where am I? And why am I here?"

The nurse looks surprised at your words.

"Darling, you're at Viipuri, in the thirteenth military hospital. You were brought in yesterday, unconscious but that's all I know. Now, you just rest here while I go get the doctor and fetch you some painkillers"

She turns around and leaves but not before putting the canvas wall back on its place, blocking your view.

The name - Viipuri - brings up a strange memory: a stone castle, that you're flying around and above the main tower while thunder rolls around you. You rub your temples in annoyance.

A) Take a look at that newspaper
B) You don't have time to wait for some doctor to arrive, better get out of here
C) Chill out and go back to sleep, they'll wake you if you're needed


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I like option "A" but if possible the theoretical option "D" does not sound like a bad idea.

Though at the moment I don't really see any particular reason to assume anything bad is happening(watch this turn out completely wrong... -_-).

Fancy thread idea, you have my interest.  :razz:


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You lean over and grab the newspaper.

The headline screams out and grabs your attention:

Apparently you are in Finland. Or at least the newspaper was printed in Finland, as the main story is all about how Great Britain has declared war on Finland. You check the date, revealing it to be 6th December 1941. Quickly checking the few pages - the paper is very skinny - you learn that Finnish troops are advancing rapidly in East-Karelia, that Germany is about to capture Moscow and that Luxor soap is as good as the real thing, leaving your skin soft after washing.

You put the paper back on the desk and stare at the ceiling. The news jolt another memory loose from under the dark haze in your brain - a hot summer day, a young man in grey uniform hugging you, his chestnut colored hair pushed under his cap, blue eyes staring at you adoringly, a strange pain in your chest.

The doctor interrupts your introversion as he clears his throat and leans over you.

"Well now, Miss Karhila, so nice to see you awake. Your friends were very distraught yesterday when they brought you in", he says as he checks your pupils. The same nurse is waiting behind him, with a paper cup and some pills.

B) Uh, I seem to be having some trouble with my memory


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"Uh, doctor, I can't seem to remember anything", you say softly.

The doctor looks into your eyes and smiles.

"Nothing to worry about miss! It's perfectly normal after such a hit on your head. Temporary amnesia is not uncommon with head injuries. I'm sure your recollection will return shortly"

He writes something down on the notepad he was carrying.

"While I would like to keep you here, for observation, for few days, I'm afraid the war and the needs of the military trump my little medical concerns", the doctor smiles ruefully.

"So the good nurse here will bring your clothes soon and we'll have you released", he finishes and leaves.

The nurse offers you the pills and the paper cup, filled with water. You take both gratefully and down them. Soon, she's back with a bundle of clothes, which she leaves on the bed.

"Now Kyllikki, don't be in a rush. We washed your clothes, so just take your time, get dressed and come see mee at the front desk", she cheerfully informs you. You just stare at her back as she carefully returns the canvas wall back in its place, leaving you in shielded from the outside world.

You sort through the clothes, Aside from a pair black leather boots, a set of sturdy white underwear, the rest looks to be an uniform:


Your headache retreating, you get dressed.

A) Find a ladies room and sort out yourself before leaving
B) Who cares, time to get out of here!


A seems like the reasonable thing to do.
Wouldn't want to run around nude without explanation somewhere in Finland.
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