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Need More Info Streaming Issues with Rendering Encoder

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Not sure where else to post this because it does have to do with performance or if any other streamers are experiencing this, but Bannerlord is the only game I've streamed where I get significant skipped frames due to rendering lag. Every other game I can easily stream at 1080p60 with no stutter running through the NVENC encoder on Max Quality preset, but Bannerlord seems to (whether it's accurate or not I don't know) be using far too many resources or at the least be reserving too many. I've also tried x264 with the veryfast and faster presets, doesn't affect anything. Computer specs below.


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, sorry for the late reply. We have fixed a considerable amount of the problems we have encountered so far and improved the game performance with the multiple patches we have released. Please make sure that your game, your drivers, and OS are up to date and the game has necessary permissions over your security software. Please let us know if the problem persists after completing these steps and verifying the integrity of the game files through Steam.
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