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My strategy is slightly different.

At the beginning of the round I press F1-F1 to get my entire party holding still - so I am better able to command them.

  I then back up to the nearest high ground BEHIND my party, and press 2-F1-F1 to have my Marksmen stand behind my party. 

Then, with the infantry and marksmen in their positions, I press 3-F1-F2 to have my cavalry follow me.  I'll either flank / get behind the enemy and fire upon them or charge.  Until my infantry needs help (usually only VS. mounted archers), then I'll press 1-F1-F3 and 3-F1-F3 to have my infantry and cavalry charge.  My marksmen usually never change position, but when things get really bad I might also command them to charge.

I, of course, shoot until I'm out of bullets, and then hop off the horse and go in with a 30C scimitar :smile:  Seems to work amazingly so far!
When i fight enemys in wagonforts i tell all marksmen to build a line, tell cavalry(with guns) to do the same and then i just wait until the marksmen have killed most of the enemy and then i let the infantry charge and sometimes the enemy are so stupid that they leave the fort and try to attack. But they just die :grin:
a strategy that seems to work well with small battles is to cause the enemies to follow you in circles in front of a line of riflemen as they shoot  the enemy to pieces. I have used this to great effect with tatar raiders as they don't have very good ranged abilities, and have taken out armies of around 60 tatar raiders with around 35 men. Very good for renown. Obviously this tactic wont work so well with larger armies of lords
Tseu said:
What if you fight against cavalries?They will engage your men before you can weaken them.

If you setup your line and then charge at the incoming Cav units solo, and veer off, most of them will follow you.  A couple may still head to your line.  Then just ride in circle and your line will get free shots at the cav units.  Use a pistol and shoot back at them and you can really thin out the enemy cav units.  Only time this does not work well is if your riding skill is low and you have a slow horse, then the enemy cav units will run you down.
My signature trick is probably old hat and nothing you haven't heard of before, but here goes:

In good ol' Warband (praised be its name) and VC I've always shamelessly exploited the A.I.'s idiocy by riding solo around the back of my opponents, trying to buzz the archers and distract them, or draw away clumps of infantry and cavalry, whilst my main force stands waiting for the remnant to trickle in and get massacred.  In Viking Conquest, this tactic is even more exploitative because Viking Age combat relies so heavily on javelins, and by exhausting an army of its limited supply of javelins, I can weaken it immeasurably.

Now, I've yet to try out this tactic with WFaS (which I really do need to play some more), but I'm assuming that it won't work simply due to the velocity of musket balls, and I'd just be shredded in moments. Have any of you guys given this a go, and if so, how well'd it work out?
[alıntı yazar=Slayton link=topic=168529.#msg4088322 msg4088322 date=1304537271] en iyi strateji, şimdiye kadar,... 1. Düşman kuvvetleri kendi 2'den daha büyük bulacaksınız. Onları 3 peşinde başlamak için yeterince yakın olsun. Form vagon Daire 4. Daire süvari ve melee almak, daire içine silahşörler hattı. Onlarla kal. 5. Ateş Tüfekleri alın. Süre düşman dalıp, sipariş süvari Birliği bir tarafa basılı tutarak F1 (Bir bayrak görünür kullanabileceğiniz etmek için asker tutmak pozisyon, çok yararlı) ve ınf. 6. Düşman tüfekleri tarafından, her zaman için, kanatçılar herhangi bir arazi yararlanmak, ya da sadece mümkün olan en iyi pozisyon onları satın almak için widdled gelelim. 7. Ücret 8. ???? 9. Kar. [/alıntı]
I found that I get hit MUCH MUCH MUCH less by bullets when I crouch. (?!?) So when I get besieged, I get a hussar lance, a pike or something as long as those. Then I jump on the gaps between the castle "teeth" on the walls near a ladder, duck, and stab everybody to death! MUAHAHAHAAHAA!

In terms of battle strategy, I like to get pikemen in a super tight line when engaging bandits and the like. In case of musketmen, I rush over and shoot them with a carbine on a horse.
In case of horsemen chasing me, I have a good horse and I will shoot their horse anyways.
In case of pistol horsemen, I double back on them.
In case my horse dies, I fling into a stupidly huge rage against whoever killed my horse, I shoot them in the youknowwhat.
Then I run like a chicken zigzagging all around trying to avoid the bullets.

But against royal armies, I make my guys camp. On a hill. Or anywhere else. Usually I have some swordsmen, but I thought pikes were useless, so I got all the swordsmen. Well, bad luck. Royal armies usually have cavalry, and ain't no sword gon' stop that horse charging right at you. In detail, your face. Now I value pikemen, because they got me in a really tight spot one time. (The pikemen were dancing in circles to the Campfire Song song.)
I hired arount 100 cavarly eqyped with best eqypment if there is a hill I put them behind it I go and distract the cavarly then tell my cavarly to charge most of them charge on musketers totall victory :party:
I think most military wargamers would have no problem with the muskets; btw, you mean tactics not strategy.  Best tactics depend on several factors for this game:  (1) Composition of enemy forces (2) Composition of your forces (3) Strength Ratio (are you outnumbered, and how badly) and (4) Terrain (and Weather for some mods).  For some mods/DLC (e.g. Viking Conquest) you have to factor in fatigue and other factors, which makes it a bit more interesting.

General good practices:

Use the first ten seconds to scan terrain and find the best position to fight from; looking for somewhere that gives you best chance against specific enemy force (see below) and where you can keep weaker forces (shooters) in enfilade and anchor your flanks (use terrain features like trees, buildings, river, cliff to prevent enemy from rolling up your flank).  See the solution in your mind and start to reposition forces immediately.

Use terrain masking; this means everyone stays below the crest of hills or is shielded by terrain features so the enemy does not have line of sight (LOS) and thus has no chance to shoot at you (or observe your movement in real world) while you or your forces are moving.

Cavalry is best used for spoiling attacks, breaking lines, rolling up flanks, attacking vulnerable isolated units (musket/archers), and pursuit of retreating army when they break contact.

ENEMY MOSTLY INFANTRY:  If you have ranged units, and enemy does not have ranged or cavalry, parking your ranged on a hill with clear line of sight (LOS) in all directions will work fine, with infantry behind for support to close if the enemy makes it that far.  If they have ranged also, I would use some terrain masking/ reverse slope, unless you have a real advantage and better ground.

ENEMY MOSTLY CAVALRY:  You need to both limit his mobility and anchor your flanks firmly.  River banks are great for this, with infantry line in water, shooters just on bank so they catch the cavalry as they crest but aren't so high they catch distant fire.  Use banks to anchor flanks.  Also steep hills, heavy forest, urban/fences, you get the idea.

ENEMY SUPERIOR RANGED AND NUMBERS:  Use reverse slope ambush.  Park on reverse slope of hill so they have to come over the top.  If they have cavalry, set up a skirmish line of infantry 50 yards down the reverse slope (to allow clearance for your shooters).  Put shooters farther down the hill, (or better on small rise beyond base of hill) but KEEP EVERYONE OUT OF LOS of the enemy advance.  I use two shooter teams, with one at a flank to place defilade fire into the enemy flank as they crest the hill.  If there is a pile of bodies at the top twenty yards of the hill and you take near zero casualties you are doing it right.

I can win most engagements outnumbered very heavily, even against much better forces with virtually no casualties.  This is difficulty currently 155%.  So many cool battles, recent one was 269 them vs 80 me, them Swedes with Reikers and all high level units, me mostly crap units I was training up but lots of gunners.  I used a river/riverbank with nearly perfect force setup and killed nearly every one of the b*stards, and took one killed (infantryman on the skirmish line) and one wounded (Companion).  It was a glorious thing!! :twisted:  The only times I've ever been shot was during the assault while doing the sieges; not much to do there but close in quick as you can, post elite gunners on the walls once inside, and get er done as quickly as possible.

Guns are always cool BUT!!!! You must always have a sword on you!!! When a person in continuously poking you while you are reloading!!! IT IS SO ANNOYING so I learnt that you have to have one sword and the rest guns. (I used to have a dual masterwork pistols and they are amazing. It is so cool when you shoot someone off the horse.) I prefer using a pistol rather than a musket because it takes longer to reload and the pistol are really useful. But ALWAYS have a sword because you will regret not having one.
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