Need More Info Strangely high ping in EU servers today

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Forwarded the file to the devs.
Sorry for doing what you asked this late, I didn't play a lot the last two weeks because of exams and the problem appears very randomly, so it was actually rather hard to find the right moment, I just emailed you with the txt filed created by WinMTR attached to it. Hope it gets resolved.

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No worries, ping is something we can't fix directly but I forward every bit of info to devs so it might help I hope.
Well, it's me again... Uhm.. I'm from Germany, and got quite decent internet where I live. Yet, my ping still doesn't get below 50, which compared to my 17 ping on Warband, is quite miserable. Yes, I know others got 200 ping, and thats even worse, but still. It just makes the game kinda slow, and hits as well as blocks are delayed. I've been bringing this issue up together with quite alot of other people (especially Frenchies and Germans) for around 6 months now, and yet nothing has been done to fix it.


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I am from Germany aswell and got a constant ping of 80+ but a couple of months ago I had around 20. I tried all kinds of things to get my ping back to normal but it yielded no success. I have also a ping of 20 in Warband and very good ping in most other games so for me that is strange. I only have that issue with Bannerlord.


Bumping to say that since today my ping is stuck at 250 while normally i'm at 20-30. I've tried many other games, including Warband. All got 20-30 ping except Bannerlord...


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I'm having the same issue since today. Usually I also have about 30-40 ping but today on every EU server I joined I have 260 ping.


can confirm. normally ping is around 30-50, it randomly jumped to 200+ for minutes. (happened over multiple matches)
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