In Progress Strange logic in the sale of workshops and the choice of production.

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1. I bought all 3 workshops in the settlement and then sold them all. All of the workshops sold to only one NPC. He has the least power in the settlement. Is this a reason to sell everything to him or is this a bug? Workshops have an effect on increasing the power of NPC. I think it will affect the settlement in the future. For example, only one NPC in the settlement will have all the power concentrated. Maybe we should give the right to choose who to sell or evenly distribute?

2. If a war begins with a faction where you had workshops, the faction takes away and changes the workshops' production at random. May duplicate them. Does not take into account production of villages nearby.

How to Reproduce:
1. Buy out all the workshops in one settlement and sell them all. The chance is not 100%, but very high.
2. Start a war with the faction in which your workshops are located.

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!


I think I had more extreme version of the first mentioned issue in one of my campaigns on version e1.6.4 or e1.6.5.
I was able to reproduce it moment ago on version beta e1.7.1 using save files from that campaign.

In one town I couldn't sell any of my workshops at all. On "Other" tab in Clan window, "Sell" buttons for workshops were greyed out and I couldn't click on them. When I hovered the mouse cursor over any of them, the game showed message: "There isn't any prospective buyer in the town."

That happend in Seonon when "Current Capital" of my workshops exceeded 15 000 denars. This town had 6800 prosperity at that time and it's most influential notable's power was 375.
It also happend in Sanala when "Current Capital" exceeded something between 13 500 - 14 500 denars, I'm not sure, but it was for sure lower value than for Seonon. At that time Sanala's prosperity was 10 400 and the most infulential notable's power was 719.
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