BL 2D Art Strange bug that breaks some banners when a new save is started

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So I currently have this strange bug, and I'm not sure if it is being caused by my module. My module does introduce new banners for every clan, but only like 4 of them are being affected by this strange bug. Here's how it's recreated:

1. Launch Bannerlord
2. Start a new save
3. Game loads fine, but these specific 4 clans have their banners broken in some way: colors missing, icons missing, or color just being wrong

Here is where it gets weird: if you quit to main menu and start a new game again, following the exact same options as the first time it doesn't happen. The banners are now working correctly. It's like the game refuses to load these specific banners correctly the first time.

I thought it may have been because it needs to load, so I launched the game and let it sit for half an hour before making a save but this didn't work.
I tried waiting in the character creator for 15 minutes but that didn't work.
I tried it without the mods bannerpaste and POC enabled, still didn't work.
I thought maybe it might have something to do with the colors of the culture being set up wrong, so I changed them but it didn't help. Same with the kingdom colors.
I changed the colors completely on the affected banners, and that also did not work.

This issue personally isn't a problem, but since I'm planning to release my mod at some point, players would start new games and presumably have these banners broken. Adding a note that you should do the save creation twice is a workaround, but kind of an annoying user experience. Anyone ran into this before? Any idea what could be causing this?


This is after creating a new game for the 2nd time, with the banners displaying correctly:

And this is after the first new game creation upon launching the game:
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