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Sir Frederic

I started a new game in the last beta, in story mode. I haven't tried it in a long time. I have been liking it but there are things to correct, I think that deep down what happens is that I have been lucky for the moment.

The first thing is the usual, you look for nobles, you get the parts and then you decide what to do. I decided to support the northern empire, if you analyze the game, among the empires it is the only really legitimate one, and of the kingdoms, it would be the empire or battania, that would be a discussion that does not come to the topic.

But hey, I gave the banner to Lucon, (I did it asap, poor clan, barely lvl 2) even though you never actually give it to him. You keep it there in the inventory, without any use. What comes my first observation, it would be good if the flag that your character carries on the campaign map, will use that banner. In the end you are the bannerlord, at least use it.

Now I have the mission to conquer 2/3 of the empire and fight against the attempts of the conspirators. Basically what you do is win an extra enemy, it is worth mentioning that Lucon was crazy as a goat, getting us into 2 to 3 wars at the same time. I didn't fail any mission, I don't know the consequences of failing them, but what I noticed is the little value of fulfilling them. You lose time, possibly troops and actively participate in a war. Fulfilling them should give a substantial reward, such as armor pieces or weapons of good value, either from your informant (I send you this armor as a reward for your commitment) or from the loot of the final battle (your men found a chest hidden with this valuable article: something ). In story mode you can have a family of 7 nobles in a few years and both you and your siblings barely have anything decent to wear.

At one point I conquered an imperial city and a bunch of notifications started popping up that I could only assume I had conquered 2/3 of the empire. I didn't know what was coming next, it turns out now the plotter has stopped, but instead now I'm in a permanent war with the Vladians, Kusait and Aserai.

I am in an encrypted war, because I cannot declare peace to them, on the war screen I am with 100% intention of peace from my allies, but the system does not allow it. I have to go and destroy the faction for that, me personally, snowball, how ironic for a game that is programmed to make allies leave your kingdom when the game isn't going hard enough. So far so good, I've been lucky that these wars hardly bother my kingdom. The problem is that at one point Garios declared war on us, so we had 4 wars at the same time, 3 impossible to pause and one with zero approval. I also ended up saying that this war was more profitable for me than it was for Garios, but everything could have turned out the other way around.

With all this, my third observation is that if you are going to encrypt these 3 wars, encrypt the rest as well. At the moment I gave the banner to Lucon, we should be at war only against the empires, since the mission asks to conquer imperial territory. The northern empire dedicated itself to declaring war on battania or sturgia instead of the empires, it is one thing for them to declare war on us, another thing is for us to be seeking war against someone who is not our priority, it was quite a I work to prevent them from getting me into more wars. Also 2/3 is not even close to a victory, there is still a lot left of the other two empires in my game and it is not that the other two empires disintegrate and join the winner forming one, which is what should happen in the game, in the end they are not 3 different cultures, but a civil war that comes to an end.

So my suggestion would be to make the conspiracy quests have substantial rewards, encrypt the wars in such a way that your kingdom goes along with the bannerlord quest, and in the first stage, remove or unify the empire, make it substantial. That the three empires disappear or in any case that they unite in a single faction again.

Right now if you are unlucky the story mode may be the worst decision you have.
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