SP Fantasy Stormlight Archives: Bannerlord Overhaul

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Hello All

We are a small team working to bring the Stormlight Archives to Mount and Blade Bannerlord. Seeking other fans and modders who want to help bring this series to life.

Current team includes the following skills
xml editors
scene creaters

3d modelers
Concept Artists

Planned Features

The full map of the Roshar
Custom map icons and immersive landmarks
Highstorm events that sweep the map and effect traveling armies
Many scenes from the books, Visit the windblades of Kholinar and the chasms of the Shattered planes

Obtain the three shards
Shardplate - wade into battle nearly impervious to most weapons. Though be wary as enough damage can make your shardplate break and slow you in battle
Shardblades - ten heartbeats and you can cut down swaths of enemies with a deadly weapon that passes through shields and armor alike one skilled shardbearer can take out fivescore enemies. Avoid being surrounded as you are not immortal and can still fall
Ryshadium - The third shard.Stronger, faster, deadlier than any other horse. This beast is the only worthy mount for a full shardberer


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Some work from our talented scener Nuclear Trinity

still in an early alpha and concept stage but progress is being made


I had the same idea! I wish I had the requisite skills to help with this, but seems like you've got coding handled. I'll be keeping a close eye on this.
We could still use more coders and any others who share the skills we currently have. More hands are always welcome.
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Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the models for the shardplate and blades. How long will the shardblades be? They are pretty darn long in the books if I remember correctly.

Will shardplate increase your mass and speed, and make it easier to push through troops?
Truly brutal!! How do you plan to balance the power of the shard armors and swords so that you can't destroy a whole army alone? And which would be the way to obtain them?
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