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At every playthrough i feel i am missing something and that somethings anoys me which could easyle be improven.

1. Companion/Family party´s - Every time they loose a battle they get imprisoned and when they finally get out i am running all over the map to "collect" them up again.
Improvement - Make the player able to choose a "base" when not having a castle/fief - So when they get out they will go back to base/castle/fief that you choose.

2. Storage when not having a Castle/fief and Workshops - I feel this one could be combined or made as 2 different systems
Improvement "A" - Player Housing/building in a city/town/Castle/fief - I get a house and the house can be raided if the fief/castle/town is taken loosing from 1-100% of the items. This building can also function as a base and maybe also be able to have some custom guards which the player can choose from party - This base/storage can only hold horses/equipment.
Improvement "B" - Player workshops, Id like to see a storage for food/trade/horses which the workshops can choose to take from or craft into - Giving the player more options for how the workshops will sell/craft - Could be cool with just a slider - Slider at 0% puts all items in market and Slider at 100% keeps all items - Also an option for whjich items to be kept/sold like the current trade window where you can mark items to be locked.

3. Id like an option to take the items from a dead Party clan leader which runs another party when the battle is done - playing with death enabled is pretty meh when just invested 500k+ in a companion party leader just to see all items get lost even though the battle is won - I feel its ok if i loose but in a win id like to be able to get those items back

Ty for 1.6.0 the Army upgrade ability has made is so much more fun running big army´s
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