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Stop LES IS MOREx from hosting any future tournaments.

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Inappropriate behavior
LES IS MOREx hosts the Bannerlord Skirmish League tournaments and is giving a very bad image of the North American community. I would like to start this post with going back to LES' history during the first BSL tournament. He blatantly rigged the tournament to fight the the clans he didn't like and stirred up a ton of drama at the time. When it came to the finals of the tournament, LES thought it was a good idea to give one of the teams a default win due to LES' horrible communication with the captains. This lead to internal conflicts with the NA community. His actions / behavior has not changed with the BSL 2 tournament going on. Prior to the bracket being made, LES asked people who the best two teams were in which most people responded DM and PSFC. It is not a coincidence that a day later when the bracket was released DM and PSFC were fighting each other the first round. On top if this, prior to the SkBr vs DM game, LES spoke with SkBr in hopes they would play in west coast servers, in order to screw over DM with the ping even harder. This did not happen fortunately, SkBr showed respect for DM and played on east coast servers. In LES' rules it states that

1. "Players can only come from your clan.​
No double clanning and no use of a player not in your clan even if they are apart of a clan that is not participating in this tournament. All teams must submit a 6 man roster with 3 substitute players in order to participate."
With this in mind, today in the VK2 vs NATO match, it was very obvious that LES played under jord's name. Some of the VK2 team even admitted that LES was playing as jord. This would mean him as a tournament host is breaking his own rules.

Proof of LES asking Surreal who he think would win

<snipped private logs>
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Overall, Les is just a burden for the community. His toxic behavior and past actions have been quite questionable and just generally disappointing. He is the pinnacle definition of a narcissist.
LES IS MORE what happened to the Christian principles of being honest and not greedy? I'm sure your plot in heaven is already secured since you adhere to all of Jesus's principles.

This is why DoF didn't sign up. The cash prize is certainly enticing, but it isn't worth the headache of dealing with a LES hosted event
LES venmo me if you want a plot of land in heaven. I have direct connections to God and he says the only way you'll repent for your horrible sins is to pay me
He continues to prove that as an admin of the tourney that he will bend the rules and ensure the outcome that he wants. Even before the tourney when he asked for our opinions on how it was set up he refused to listen. For example that there should be class limits, well that mistake came back at him when HGK ran 3 archers and 3 cav to beat VK1 so he hopefully learned a lesson there. Its clear at this point he shouldn't be an admin for any tourney or event in the future and the NA community should be wary to associate with him.
Make a new tournament ?
and so we did, after the BSL tournament NABB was hosted and having the right staff team, it went perfect. weekend cups were also hosted for NA whilst BSL 2 was going on and did a way better job. this post is just showing why les is a horrible host that shouldn't be allowed to continue tournament events.
I am more curious if he is going to pay money prize to DM when they win tournament :grin:
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