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In a productive fashion, villages getting raided to poverty constantly, and inept AI lords who obsess over raiding because they lack objectives, destroy the longevity of the game. Villages having no food is linked to poverty/starvation cycles in towns, and in general outside of "safe" fiefs this basically makes every fief completely worthless as inevitably the AI will decide to do nothing but raid villages, running away from larger groups then immediately returning to raid the moment they can. Considering the player is penalized (assuming reputation is supposed to be worthwhile, but that's another discussion) for raiding, and especially so for killing lords, give these tools a marginal amount of honor in their decisions or just about every border town or unsafe fief (read: anything outside of chokehold or geographically invulnerable locations like Sanala) will become worthless in the course of a few days game time the moment any war breaks out. Especially consider how slow hearth growth is in the first place, a single raid basically condemns an entire town. At the bare minimum, town and village growth rates could use a buff or "bounce back" period at the very least, which allows them to recoup some of the losses of war if they're not totally sacked. Either way, kind of awful that the AI does this and permanently ruining fiefs beyond repair needs to go.

Additionally, not sure why we can't donate a village garrison anymore. If you're going to make the AI default down to raiding parties who genocide Calradia, give the player some form of preventative strategy.
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