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ok guys (and gals)

i'm working om a small weapon pack containing quite a few (or quite few) swords, daggers, axes and some spears
this is not meant to be 100% historical (or even 85%, or whatever) just adding a few more weapons to the game (about 150 thus far)


updated: 6 jan

Feel free to use them in any mod you'd like, just inform me and give me some credit

[Screenshots not working anymore, reformated by Moderator]
battlelance/throwing lance
broad bastardsword
broad sagger
broken longsword
duel blade
elegant bastardsword
elegant knife
elegant saber
mastercrafted broadsword
simple dagger
light spear
cheap sword
broken cheap sword
broken longsword
flamberge zweihander
so-called 'horsebow'
fancy axe
assorted axes
mercenary weapons

so, what do you think?
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I like them! Unfortunatley, I don't know enough about moddeling to critique them properly (I'll leave that up to the others among us!) But I do like what I see!

edit: Just noticed this post made me a sergeant. Woo!


glad so many like it!

when i got me a few more 1handed swords and a blunt weapon or two, i will get janus to help me get this out

I have just made an axe, that works like a bastard weapon (eg. 1handed with shield, 2handed without)
imageshack won't upload right now, so i'll post the picture later


Those are some really nice weapons. I love the longsword and the elegant Bastard. :razz:


it seems the 'elegant' series is quite popular... :grin:
its based about a few things: brass on the guard, leather wrapping on the handle and long, thin blades

edit: added a warhammer and the bastard axe


Yes indeed. Only critique I could possibly give, is that the textures are a bit plain, you could brighten up the blade a bit on some swords, and make the handles a bit more hi-res. The rest is fine though!


I agree.  When possible, I find it's best to use a picture of the actual material for textures; it looks like some of your blades are just a plain gray colour.

Cool models; keep it up.


. . . I hope you're mocking McDonalds, and that they haven't taken over your brain. The power of marketing is scary.

I want to point out that it seems you are very economical with your polygon usage. Admirable.

Take a picture of the claymore straight on - the foreshortening is making it look weird. And it looks weird because everything is too narrow. Wander around on Wikipedia until you get a feel for why different weapons are shaped the way they are. I'm not *****ing at you for being ahistorical. It's just a good way to get a feel for making things look cool and convincing. Proportion, blade geometry, etc. Your claymore (which is a largely imaginary weapon anyway, not that it matters) is proportioned much more like a spadone, a much later weapon with a very different functionality.

Good luck, and good job so far.


I especially like the broken stuff and the crude dagger.  That could be handy for a lot of mods.

Any chance of making a flamberge or a menacing looking scythe?
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