Still issues with adding troop to a scene

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Ok, may need a bit of experience with this one.  I am adding/spawning enemy troops to a scene while in the scene.  There are 2 ways that I can see to do this:

(entry_point_get_position, pos2, ":spot"),
(set_spawn_position, pos2),



The first works, and has been taken from code posted here.  The draw back is that it seems to not spawn a variety in the gear that the troops have.  I have taken off the override flags with the visitor spots, but still they all look the same.

The second was lifted from the code that spawns the enemies in the melee battles.  It works there, but not in my script.  In both cases ":this_troop" is defined as a troop from the same range, but even hard coded to be trp_regular_fighter or any other troop fails to create the agent on the scene.  I was hoping to use this one since in the melee fights, randomness of gear, hair, and faces happens.

Can anyone assist me in the difference, or why I cannot get the add_visitors_to_current_scene doesn't work?  What am I missing?
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