Steward, Leadership and Tactics

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Should all level when you overcome unfavorable odds in battle and when you don't lose many troops in an even or unfavorable battle.


Leadership and Tactics, sure, but why Stewardship as well?
Well stewardship deals with keeping your party happy. And typically when you lose a majority of your army in a battle you lose morale. So following that train of thought, if you don't lose many - then morale would still technically be high, which is what stewardship is based off of. Keeping morale up, even if it doesn't relate to food or food variety in this instance.


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Well stewardship deals with keeping your party happy.

It doesn't. Stewardship levels exactly the same if you have 100 morale or 30 morale.

But ultimately, leveling three skills off one action that players are going to strive to do anyway is bound to wound up imbalanced.
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