Steam Workshop is now open


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Hi everyone,

We're glad to announce that Steam Workshop for Blood & Gold is now available. With Workshop and the updated module system you now have the full and ultimate package to create, share and download any mods for the game.

To recap, here's what you need to know to start making and uploading your mods for B&G:

1) In order to familiarize yourself with the new module system, you'll need to read the 40-page guide we wrote some time ago. It's available in the game's main directory and called 'Caribbean_module_system.pdf'.

2) Module system's source files can be found in the main directory as well: Blood & Gold Caribbean!\

3) As an instruction, you can use this guide on our forums. It was originally written and used for Warband's Workshop, but it works for our game as well with some minor differences.

This should be it, have fun tinkering with the game. We're looking forward to see your creations there!