Steam, Warband and 5x5 CD Keys Guide

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DoctorPainkiller said:
Go to your steam page for Mount and Blade, go to the right side, and there should be a button that says "Serial Key" if not, right click on the name in the right hand game list and there should be an option to view the key.

Yeah, we have the key, but it just doesn't work. The game says it is invalid.

Thank You,
Weird. Apparently a lot of people are having this problem, hopefully Taleworlds will sort it out soon.
Bstor said:
Zidouj said:
I have a CD Key that is MBWB-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

I bought the game yesterday on steam and every time I try to join a server, it just says I'm entering an invalid serial key. Please help, it's being very annoying.
this is happening to me as well i purchased the game yesterday and it doesn't work...

Apparently i got the same issue when trying to play multiplayer >.>
Bought the game this weekend also, as it was on sale...
btw, i both copied the serial keys to steam's clipboard and I wrote them down as there were 5 of them in case i had to fill them in somewhere. But that just didnt seem to happen.
I also got the Mount and blade collection and got a 5x5 CD Key I have emailed steam support twice the first time they said to look at some forums and I am still waiting on a reply for the second email. Is anyone ells having problems with multiplayer because when ever I go into it says unable to connect to server.
i bought Mount & Blade bundle on but all my keys are 4x4 ;(
i only activated Mount & Blade on steam but i cant do that with Warband, NW and With Fire and Sword.
Is there any chance to get 5x5 keys to unlock the games on steam?
P.S. Sorry for my english ;P
Not sure if this is the right place to ask this (if not I apologize, just let me know how to find the answer).
I bought Mount and Blade Warband, awhile ago (not from STEAM), and I always played it without going thru STEAM at all. 
I then purchased a humble bundle that had all the Warband expansions (but NOT Warband itself).  When I go into STEAM to activate them I get the message that I first have to have the original game (Warband itself) activated thru STEAM (which can only be done with a STEAM key).  How/Where do I get that STEAM key so I can install the expansions that I have purchased?
Thank you in advance for anyone who can help.
Justwanttobe said:
I first have to have the original game (Warband itself) activated thru STEAM

using your serial key (the one you got from TW)

1) Open Steam
2) Choose to "+ Add a game" -> bottom left corner of your screen
3) Activated a product on Steam
4) Follow the steps and include your serial key there
This is weird, when I tried to activate a product code using my own cd-keys (Purchased the game through steam) it said the keys are invalid for both Native and NW. I believe this is tied to the "Unable to connect to server" error I get when I try to find servers and when I try to search for servers on the Internet list (nothing pops up but the servers I put on my favorites still appear on my favorites list).

So... how do I validate my CD-Keys?

TLDR, I've been having this Unable to Connect to the server error for at least two weeks now. (Also tried every possible fix for it).
I have a working 5x5 steam key but in order to play a mod I have to have the 4x4 key Taleworlds demands. Seriously what is wrong with just supporting the steam keys like you guys originally were doing years ago!
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