Unresolved [Steam] Game keeps crashing the second I talk to any NPC.

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Hello, for those wondering I'm playing in the Brytenwalda mod. My game version is 1.7.4 and I'm like 308- 310 days into the campaign over three save slots. I'm really struggling right now because the game crashes without fail when I try to do pretty much anything. Talking to caravans on the overworld? It freezes and crashes. Talking to any spies who would join back into my party? It crashes. Talking to any of my companions so I can level them up or give them gear? Crash. It's really a struggle because it makes it harder to do missions or even some diplomacy when the game instantly just crashes. There's no error message either, I play windowed and it still crashes back to steam. There's nothing telling me what to do, and I even tried deleting some other save files, lowering texture quality, playing the game on Dx7 instead of Dx9 to try anything to help in case the memory is limited. I don't even know how to fix this problem, but I was wondering if anyone else has a problem as dire as this, where pretty much talking to any NPC can crash this game. The only ones I've talked to that haven't crashed it are some other lords in my kingdom and occasionally guild masters.

Any help will be appreciated! Also, sorry for the nature of this post, I literally just created an account to see if others had this problem. I did a bit of web searching for solutions but people didn't seem to have the exact same problem I did, and even when I tried their solutions it didn't work. I also don't have any active quests in progress.

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Do you have the same problem at Native? Asking because you are playing a mod and this here is the technical support section for Native Warband.
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