Steam Animated Avatars & Backgrounds.

Would you like to see animated Bannerlord avatars and Backgrounds in steam?

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With the annoucement of the full release of Bannerlord, is only natural to expect some new stuff to be added, like the achievements and animated avatars & backgrounds /Game profiles like so many other game publishers do this days, and it's something that so many in the community would want to place in their steam profiles, to show their love for the game.

Animated artwork, like the ingame tittle home screen or the loading ingame artwork would be great examples for backgrounds , animated avatars and avatar frames would also be appreciated.


Yes, this is the most important thing for me!


Please add an "Animated incomplete game avatar" so I can show off how proud I am to have bought Bannerlord.

Der Kopfsammler

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That would be neat, and probably not even that much time consuming. How hard would it be to have a moving flying banner gif on your profile like the one on the main menu?


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I never understood why anyone needs achievements anyway. I thought the goal of a video game was entertainment not to complete some arbitrary checklist. :unsure:
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