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You didn't bother to read my post? Didn't you?

We don't want to install STEAM. For privacy and other reasons.
All non-steam solutions given in previous replies aren't working anymore.


The link in the first post no longer leads to a valid page. I bought the game on Steam all the way back in 2011, which came with a 5x5 key. Since the page is not working anymore, I can't convert this 5x5 Key to a 4x4, which means no Warband Script Enhancer or ability to run without Steam. I've checked the CD Key again and again like people have said they have done on this thread, and somehow magically turned it into a 4x4, and yet mine remains 5x5. Is there any way to get a proper 4x4 key, or because I did not know about this back when I bought it, I deserve to be unable to run WSE?

Edit: Oh, and here's the kicker. I went to Talesworld in order to register my Steam game using the 5x5, since I figured that if I registered it there, it would detect it as being a valid product. The Talesworld site accepted the 5x5, and lists Warband under "My Games" but my WSE program still won't recognize that it's legit, and continues demanding a non-existent 4x4 key.


hello, i dont know if this is the right place to say this but basically i just logged on to warband and all my save games had been wiped (both from the native and Diplomacy mod.) i have been playing quite a long time and this has never happened before. just out of interest is there anything i can do to either prevent this from happening again, or even better recover them. thanks


Can one of you guys help me with this please?
Right so my warband i got off of steam got disconnected from the key server and hen it reconnected the serial key for napoleonic wars resested or something and when ever i try to join a game it asks for the serial key which i dont have and the one steam gives you doesnt work.
Does anyone have any solutions?


Sergeant Knight
I just checked your problem. We sent you an email asking for your faulty 5x5 serial key but you didn't get back to us. Please check your emails.


I received a 5x5 "product code" from Amazon.  I emailed the support, but just letting you know that in the first post the link doesn't work anymore.


I have a 5x5 and need it to be 4x4 because I want to play native because I bought it on steam collection edition. Only the DLC work.


My friend has recently purchased Warband during the Steam Sale, however he received the 5x5 code and it is not allowing him to play online. The 5x5 - 4x4 converter is no longer available via the link from the OP. Whom would we talk to in order to resolve this issue? As you know much of Warband's value is in its online play. Please assist! :3


Guicarioca said:
HELP I HAVE MBxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx from steam and get the message: Incorrect Serial  HELLLP
Can you read? lol Scully posted your help twice on this page.

ty Scully, i'm on it!


Daegoth said:
Hello everyone,

As some of you know, during a certain period of time, Steam provided you 5x5 keys instead of 4x4 keys. People who bought their game during that time, received those 5x5 keys. The disadvantage of those keys is that with those, you won't be able to install and play the game without Steam. In order to provide a solution, we allowed people who has those faulty keys to receive a 4x4 key from our web site. All you need to do is to register your serial key to Taleworlds site and it will automatically provide you a 4x4 key.

UPDATE: Sorry for the wrong explanation. You have to visit the link below in order to convert your 5x5 serial key to a 4x4 one:

If you have any questions or problems regarding this, please feel free to pm me.

UPDATE #2: I've been getting too many messages regarding the converter. Please be informed that this converter was made only for a bunch of serial keys that were given from Steam in a different format. For people who have bought the game in 2011, this converter doesn't have any functionality. If you want to convert your 5x5 Steam key to 4x4 Taleworlds key, then you just have to right click on your game and select "View game CD key". That's all. You can use that key for playing Mount&Blade series without Steam.
the link brings me to a 404 error page. I have the 5x5 key from steam but the support they have fkn sucks and they are driving me around in circles. everything they are having me to isn't working. I think they think the code has a error rather then its the wrong type of code.. PLZ HELP ME
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