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Hello everyone,

As some of you know, during a certain period of time, Steam provided you 5x5 keys instead of 4x4 keys. People who bought their game during that time, received those 5x5 keys. The disadvantage of those keys is that with those, you won't be able to install and play the game without Steam. In order to provide a solution, we allowed people who has those faulty keys to receive a 4x4 key from our web site. All you need to do is to register your serial key to Taleworlds site and it will automatically provide you a 4x4 key.

UPDATE: Sorry for the wrong explanation. You have to visit the link below in order to convert your 5x5 serial key to a 4x4 one:

If you have any questions or problems regarding this, please feel free to pm me.

UPDATE #2: I've been getting too many messages regarding the converter. Please be informed that this converter was made only for a bunch of serial keys that were given from Steam in a different format. For people who have bought the game in 2011, this converter doesn't have any functionality. If you want to convert your 5x5 Steam key to 4x4 Taleworlds key, then you just have to right click on your game and select "View game CD key". That's all. You can use that key for playing Mount&Blade series without Steam.
They says taleworld site provide this key but I can't type the keys again is it possible?
I only check my account on TW site.
Go to the main site
Click "My Games" in your profile pic (you'll need to login if you haven't for some reason)
At the bottom of the games page, click view serial
Enter your password when (if) asked, then the serial for your games should be visible.
Yep same problem for me here, already registered the 5x5 one :sad:

but that's a hell of a news that you've been consideering this problem !
Hi I have a problem in registering the key

I have the 5x5, when I go to register it tells me

Invalid serial code syntax

What should I do?

sorry for my poor English, I used the translator  :mrgreen:
Why don't you update/develop manual activation site for 5x5 keys? :roll: ( )
And i just bought a new key from the website Wednesday due to steam sucking ;/ !!!!!!!!!!!! balls
Kleidophoros said:
Click Add New Game and enter your 5X5 serial.
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Same here. I already registered 5x5 key, and neither can I remove it in order to register it again,
nor can I re-register it over the current one and receive 4x4 CD-key. It shows "Invalid serial code" error.
Only 5x5 CD-key is displayed in "My games" and it hasn't converted to 4x4 one.
I've PM'd Daegoth and I'm waiting for a response.
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