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Steal the Documents - New and Badass (In next version)

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So in next version we want to completely change the game mode. You still need to steal books or guard them as a guard, but there will be some changes to the system. We want to focus on stealing the documents and not simply running around, killing everything. Also, we want to punish people a bit more if they kill a townsman. No one cares about one kill more or less, but the changes we will be doing will hopefully make people take care a bit more.

So, how will the game mode be?

The Guards will still need to protect the document chests and the assassins will still need to steal it. But one of the biggest changes will be that the goal of the gaurds is no longer getting a certain amount of points, but to protect the documents for a certain time, while then Assassins need to get a certain amount of points (=steal a certain amount of books) in that time. If they do, the guards fail and loose the round. If the guards can protect the chests long enough and the Assassins don't get the amount of points they need, the Assassins lose. This is the main change to the game mode.

Also, there will be some small changes:
- No more points for kills (No one gets any more points from that, only kills in the player stats, but no points for the team)
- Assassins can only score points with stealing books
- If a Guard does a tk (Townsman-Kill), the time they need to defend increases for a small amount. (Not for like 10 seconds or so, but maybe 3-5)
- If an Assassins does a tk, it is the other way round. The time is decreased by a small amount
- Guards will be made better too in the next version, so hopefully people will start playing guards more.
- If a guard returns a book, the time they need to defend will decrease slightly, but only some seconds and not like 1 minute or something

That was it, as far as I have it in my mind. It could still be that we do some changes to this until the next version comes, what will take quite some time too.


Maybe the amount of books is limited? That for example, there are 2 chests on the map and a total of 8 books equally distributed between them? When one of the books gets destroyed (when used as a shield) or delivered a new book will spawn in the chest? So that especially in bigger games you can't just leave the books lying around.
I mean it takes a darn monk years to write on of these things and you just throw 'em on the ground? Thaz dirty down there!


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I don't know, that would leave some people without any work when tehre are some more players online. Also, I am not really sure how I could limit the books so that one chets for example has 2 and the other 3. I could maybe do it globally, that would be possible.


Could you possibly add interiors to hide those books in? Or change chests to libraries with same fucntion. Like a medieval library or something like that.


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Interiors will not be added to AH, no. We will do that for Race Wars, though. There we will have interiors. But we need to find a good solution for the doors first, because atm you can only go thorugh the door alone and you need around 3 seconds to use the door (to go to the interior). That would make camping in an interior at the door very easy. And I think we will stay with the chests, otherwise we would need to redo all the maps.
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