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Useful Addition:

> First perk slot( perk slot at left side ) can be for switching weapons for each unit.
> Second perk slot (middle one ) can offer selected unit's individual perks ( if its an archer unit: perks related with archers )
> And, third perk slot can be for stats. Some perks in this third slot can be average statistic without any negative effect. But, some other perk offers in this third perk slot can offer bigger benefits with negative side effects..

All perk slots (first, middle, third) can be considered as above for all cultures. But, the perks that offer huge benefits & negative effects = should have different ratios ( i.e. some "third perk slot's perks" with different ratios --> PerkC1: [+%30armor & -%25movement speed ] PerkC2: [+%45armor & -%35 ms ] PerkC3: [+%60armor & -%50ms ]

Third perk slot should contain all different ratios for all stat related perks (hp, armor, ms, armysize, dmgs ) & also some ordinary perks that they dont have any negative effect.

Btw, i must say i like some of the new perks. They are good. I just want more radical perks for well-customized/colorful/everytime=uncertain/fun matches overall.

Things above are subject to change. And, these are just my basic/strong ideas for butter lords.
These are just for captain mode. You can check my other ideas for siege & battle mode, here:

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