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Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

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Are we going to get more character customization sliders like in the pre-release gameplay video?
thats wonderful
One thing ive been doing os hopping back and forth between beta branch and Main branch, to play single player on the beta and online fo the main.
It would be nice to have 2 installations, it would be nicer still if space could be saved through hardlinking only the different fiels between each installation, this would especially hgelp when the telemetry build comes along as it would save the steam download each time we switch between each branch
Great and lovely news... I'm hoping to see new vlandian armor soon :grin: and I'm wishing the best for this game to continue growing with further improvements. :grin: :grin:
We would like you to announce them in the Turkish Forum. I think we will have to follow the global forum for important information.
Even Patch Notes are not shared in Turkish
Thx for sharing this short term roadmap. I hope ineheritence feature is still in your mind. It need improvement and a game slower and harder to give this some consistency
What about
Rainy seasons,
Sense of depth for snow ?

Yes, I agree..I think these stuff need to be done and added to the game, I would like to see heavy rain, storms, thunder sounds and effects too (something like nord medieval movie lol) and most important.... banners!

(Maybe naval combat too?)
Great info. Please liven up your towns which are beautifully done imo with more random, game intitiated street conflict. The old ambush scene didnt work well becaise frankly you knew you were in an ambush scene seperate from reality. Have that sort of stuff happen while other people walk about with no warning.
Warriors of Calradia,

Today we will be sharing some of our current singleplayer and engine related priorities with you.

Since the release of the game, we have been hard at work to improve stability and performance for our players. This will continue to be a top priority for us. Naturally, we are also working on other parts of the game. Below you will find a list of some of these:


  • Kingdom & Politics
    • A sandbox option that will allow players to create their own kingdom independent of the main storyline.
    • Kingdom Decisions for Declaring War and Making Peace.
    • Adjustments to Kingdom Policies.
  • Character System
    • New perks that will likely be added on a per skill basis. You can see the beginning of this in our latest beta version (e1.4.0).
    • Skill Progression & Effects Balancing
  • Issues and Quests
    • Adding New Quests
    • Improving the issue creation algorithm so that players are more likely to experience a broad scope of possible issue quests without sacrificing their ties to our ingame world.
  • Main Storyline Content
  • Execution Consequences
  • Map Conversation Improvements
  • Hideout Improvements
  • Simulation Health
    • Kingdom strengths
    • Clan resources (Money, Influence, Members)
    • Economy
  • Scene Notifications (f.e. executions)
  • Bug Fixes

Combat Missions

  • Performance
    • AI performance optimizations
    • Formation system performance optimizations
    • Memory management improvements
  • AI
    • Battle formation AI and tactics overhaul
    • Siege tower and ladder usage fixes for AI
    • Additional fixes on siege battles
    • Agent AI combat enhancements
  • Improvements to the Order of Battle System
  • Improvements to the Order User Interface
  • Cheering
  • Ranged and mounted training NPCs for the tutorial scene.
  • Better support for modders in the sound system.
  • Bug Fixes

  • Updating existing and creating new scenes
  • Updating existing and creating new equipment and other models
  • Adding new weapon parts for crafting
  • Creating new armor design concepts
  • Improving Animations
  • Facegen Polish / Improvements
  • Conversation Animations Polish
  • Improving Game Menu Art
  • World Map Improvements


  • Performance
    • Overall FPS improvements for big field & siege battles
    • GPU optimizations for low end configs
    • Fixing spikes throughout the game
    • Preparing a new telemetry beta branch that should allow players with complex issues to provide us with additional data that will help us to track down and resolve the underlying problems.
  • Replay Editor
  • Modding Tools & Documentation

  • Refactoring some campaign related classes.
  • Savegame cleanup and improvements
  • Localization support for dynamic text usage in some languages

Please keep in mind that these priorities are neither all-encompassing nor set in stone. We will adjust them if the need arises.

Oh my God I love the transparency and the progress. Keep the good times rolling, Taleworlds
Thanks for this post. I really love the idea of a sandbox campaign. Somethings about the main quest didn't make sense to me. I don't think that a sandbox game should have a time sensitive main quest, such as looking for younger siblings mean while the player ends up forgetting about that and goes on to play the sandbox. Many Warband mods just put the player on the world map with out much explanation because the merchant quest was not very important but the sandbox was. Open world games should have a very vague mainquest that is up to interpretation with a lack of a sense urgency and suggest to go out into the world and try this and that to become successful.
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