Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

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-no feasts or events.
-no claimants/usurpers
-no cutscenes
-randomly generated companions < jeremus
-no promised gang/brigand playstyle
-villages don't count as fiefs, only useless castles and town do.
-no upgradable villages
-no manhunters
-no naval combat
-RtR system from Warband discarded, a clown could become a faction leader overnight.
-no books or trainers.
-no hitmens targeting you/random encounters like the belligerent drunk.
-no lords consipiring on each others, no duels. 0 political intrigue.
-no political quests and denouncement quests.
-no deserters
-no deeper courtships, just gamble rng, no poems.
-no real reason to visit towns/castle/villages at all.
-no camping.
-lots of other content removed/discarded.
-meme ingame economy.
-meme ingame diplomacy.
-lots of exploit-early game is a chore/boring.
-meme mid-late game
You forgot a few too...
How about churches and religion.
Improving weapons and armors at blacksmiths.
Having the ability to store materials at your workshops.

How about some type of treasure hunting and random generated events that pop up on the map similarly to bandit hideouts, where maybe some could trigger some side quest branches. Stuff that we have in some mods.
Maybe some solo stuff, to be part of an army or a gang or just a peasant.
While it would be nice from an RP'ing perspective, I don't think it should be a priority since the goal of feasts in Warband was to meet potential brides and improve relationship with lords, which is incredibly easy to do in Bannerlord.

True, it would be nice to see them added.

Don't really see a point in cutscenes. Cutscenes for what exactly?

I actually really like the idea RNG companions, it just needs some tweaking to not make the companions all appear to be copy/paste. The game is in real time so really unique companions with their own individual lore aren't sustainable since they'll die eventually. A lot of people like me like to play long, slow campaigns because it's more realistic and fun to RP and companions like the ones in Warband will just eventually die.

I agree with this, it's not sustainable to play as a bandit character, but let's be honest, it was like this in Warband as well. But with Bannerlord you can't even play as an evil character since executing enemy lords have really drastic relationship loss with a double digit number of clans.

Agreed. I think villages should be offered as fiefs. This would also add an opportunity to add more minor tier 2 clans who hold a single fief like a village.

Ties into the last issue, there just really isn't anything you can do with villages. They just make some money and can be raided, that's it.

I would like to see them added but I can imagine them being annoying in the early game when they're wiping out bandit parties that you wanted.

On the topic of naval combat, it would be a very nice addition and was implemented very well in Viking Conquest. But there's a lot of stuff right now that should take priority before adding something major like that.

Yeah, a separate point system should be added in order to become a ruler of a faction.

I agree with adding books.

A classic Warband feature, but really pointless. It would be more of a fanservice addition.

I agree. Lords should have beef with each other and be relevant. Like helping out a certain lord should decrease relationship slightly with another lord. There's no point in a lord's encyclopedia page having a list of friends and enemies if those relationships really don't do anything.

True, I guess it would add to more quest diversity.

Agreed. There should be deserter parties.

The courtship/marriage feature really needs to be fleshed out and have more depth added. It would also add one more reason to actually visit cities in order to visit bards for poems.


This is actually something I've thought about and it really bothers me that TW completely cut out this feature. I really liked how camps in Viking Conquest were done and that you could upgrade them into little mobile forts and hire staff.




Early game is indeed a chore, but really not that difficult, it's just grinding.

The mid-game where you're a mercenary and have a decent army is actually the most fun in my opinion. Recent patches have made being a mercenary very sustainable and there's no incentive to become a lord right away once you're able to, since you'll lose your mercenary income.
Can you explain what he means when he complains about "Meme mid-game" etc?

I've never heard meme be used as an insult in that way and I have no real idea what he's complaining about.

five bucks

Can you explain what he means when he complains about "Meme mid-game" etc?

I've never heard meme be used as an insult in that way and I have no real idea what he's complaining about.
"Meme" in this context means "joke", I guess. Kind of makes sense.

It's a shame that copypasta got popular, because it doesn't really explain well why the mid-game is bad, yeah.

Then again, it's a hard thing to explain in a short, easy-to-disseminate copypasta.
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