Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

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Warriors of Calradia,

It is time to share another update on some of our current singleplayer and engine related priorities with you.

Just like before, stability and performance will continue to be a top priority for us. Beyond that, you will find some of our other goals listed below. Please note that this includes both broad and specific, as well as, shorter and longer term priorities.

  • Kingdom & Politics
    • Improvements to Kingdom Decisions
    • Improvements to Rebellions & Kingdomless Clans
    • Abdication
  • Character System
    • We will continue to fix and balance perks.
    • Skill Progression & Effects Balancing
    • Revisiting Cultural Bonuses
  • Issues and Quests
    • Adding New Quests
    • Further Improvements to the Issue Creation Algorithm
  • Main Storyline Content
    • Scene Notifications
  • Player Clan Party AI directives
  • Army & Party AI Improvements
  • Crafting Improvements
  • Simulation Health
    • Balancing Security and Loyalty
    • Improving the Auto-Resolution of Battles
    • Economy
    • Pillaging Effects & Rebellion Dynamics
    • Captivity Balance & Player Choice
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Game Difficulty Tweaks
    • Ironman Mode
  • Adjustments to Death & Inheritance

Combat, Cameras, Animations & More
  • Lord’s Hall Fight
  • Prison Break
  • Performance improvements and optimizations for combat.
  • Siege AI & Formation Improvements
  • Spear Bracing
    • AI Implementation
  • Friendly Fire adjustments for Horses
  • Accuracy adjustments for ranged weapons (especially crossbows) when moving
  • Improvements to the Order of Battle system.
  • Improvements to the way the world map interacts with field battles
  • Sally Out Mission Implementation
  • Player Movement Animation Improvements
  • Board Game Improvements
  • Facegen Polish / Improvements
  • New music for taverns.
  • New ambient sounds for settlement menus.
  • Sound occlusion

  • Crafting UI Improvements
  • Clan and Kingdom screen Improvements
  • Significant Performance & Usability Improvements
  • Gamepad usability improvements

  • Adding new scenes and improving existing ones.
    • Towns, Castles & Villages
    • Hideouts
    • Field Battles
  • Weapon scabbards improvements.
  • Additional new armor and costumes.
  • New tavern illustrations.
  • New music instruments
  • Improvements to existing assets.

  • Fixing crashes and bugs for the stable & beta versions.
  • Performance & smoother gameplay improvements.
    • Terrain performance improvements for the World Map.
  • Replay Editor
  • Modding tools bug fixes & improvements based on user feedback.
  • Modding tools documentation improvements.

  • Localization related work

Please keep in mind that these priorities are neither all-encompassing nor set in stone, and we will adjust them if the need arises.

Board game improvements? Now we are talking! :party:

but seriously now, really glad to see this update and can't wait for these improvements! The game is awesome just needs some fixes and a bit more "meat" to be a worthy sucessor of warband's legacy.

Really nice to see your guys plan an ironman mode and improvements to death&inheritance, player death in-battle when? :grin:

(And i love the boardgames, it was a joke don't judge me plz)
Voluntary. Currently, it is quite difficult for a player king to remove himself from such a position, for instance, if they prematurely created a kingdom - or simply want to return to another play style
Voluntary. Currently, it is quite difficult for a player king to remove himself from such a position, for instance, if they prematurely created a kingdom - or simply want to return to another play style
Great this is what I was hoping for! A follow up question: Will the previous kingdom still exist if there are other clans in it? (I expect it to be destroyed if only the player is in it and leaves)
Looking forward to the "Sandbox" mode. Will it be like in warband with choosing a faction where to start our journies etc?
Thanks for new info, but not much new things in my view, keeping in mind that some of them have been announced in the Statement regarding Plans II.

It looks like the game release is pretty close. At least in terms of features, we probably won’t get much more than what have been announced here.

(hyped with the Ironman mode, I hope it will be really hard and not just something which prevents us to save game.
  • Ironman Mode

Wow, Ironman Mode is just cool
What does this mean? You mean hitting my own horse while riding? Hitting my own troops with my horse? Or something else?

As far I know, this will apply just for multiplayer. It is weird to reas this in the SP subforum.
Awesome! It would also be cool to see some creative steam achievements that can only be obtained in the new ironman mode.
So it is official, we are nearing the end, with only balance, improvents and "minor" features on the horizon.

On one side, I am disapointed that the TW gave up on any meaningful roleplaying quality of the game.
  • No real quests outside of the main questline
  • No enhancements to dialogs to add more player variation
  • No Trait influencing dialog options for players
  • No enhacements to Persuasion (which currently is stupid from a RP standpoint, because you pick ALL the options, only the order in which you pick them is up to the player)
  • No improvements to marriage, which is just so terrible from a RP standpoint
  • No feasts, or any events of any kind. All there is is Combat (oh, and Board Games).
  • No dialog support for game features (as a second method to using the menu)
    • No dialogs to give immersion for Kingdom Decisions and Diplomacy
  • No support for Scenes. (Please give me a REASON to visit these scenes!)
  • No interesting companios
  • No gang-related features, making Roguery only meaningful (you guessed it!) in Combat, in the form of Raiding and Loot
  • No further point to Minor Factions, except as extra parties for warfare.
  • I could go in...
On the other side, this means release is much closer than I hoped, which means modders can finally take over...
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Can we replace the Vlandia board game with chess since as far as I know thats been broken since release and you can easily get stuck :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ok... I guess...
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