Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

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All looks good but I don't think this addresses mine and from what i've seen, many others' biggest complaint: battles are just too short. It doesn't really feel right when you have 600 v.s. 600 battle that's over in ~5 minutes :sad:
So you plan to add a feature that disables death and aging instead of adding npc marriage to create actual simulation. Hah. I guess the latter is too much, after all you haven't been able to add ANYTHING for the past half a year, only fixes and more fixes for a broken game, so expecting you to add 0-1 binary difficulty feature is asking for too much, even though creating a dynasty was something that you advertised!

I feel scammed and I feel deep regret for purchasing your product. In all honesty, after having observed your development in the past 6 months, I don't even believe you have the ability to give this game a justice. I simply doubt your coding ability. This is worse than Bethesda!

And yes, go ahead and ban me and delete this negative-unwelcome-post. That is NOT gonna stop me from telling everyone I know about the experience called TALEWORLDS.
I have to admit I was also curious about that mounted penalty. I wonder if it has to do with balancing khuzaits... ? :unsure:

But it's not in the campaign section... so maybe not.
I really appreciate this.

And here comes the but.

This looks like it will take way more time to implement than a few more months, meaning EA will need to be stretched...

@Duh_TaleWorlds can you give us any more details on Siege improvements? Ladders and Towers are not working, defense AI is all over the place and the player has little control over what is going on. Although Castle scenes are different, all Sieges are the same and do not require the player to change tactics to attack nor defend. Siege preparation also requires no planning or tactic...
If you are looking to play sandbox, without the main quest, just ignore it. Thats what I am currently doing. I'll admit I've talked to the lords and gathered all the pieces, but I refuse to talk to Istiana or Azragos to put them together. There's literally no benefit to it. You don't get lords flocking to your banner. You don't bonuses to tax collection because people love you. If you give the banner to another lord they say its the best thing anyone has ever done for them, but it doesn't even improve relations with them. No benefit at all. In addition the quest penalizes you by having a conspiracy that, as far as I'm aware you can't stop, give you overwhelming foes all at once. The only thing you could point to as a benefit is that you get start your own kingdom at clan level 3 instead of 4. But I look at that more as a penalty for not doing the quest than a benefit from doing it. If you have the ability to start your kingdom at level 3 and the game stops you because you didn't do a quest you are being penalized, not rewarded for doing it. Anyways, so I'm not doing the quest this round. So far its not going badly.
Thanks for the update. Plans look amazing! For me the rebellions are still the important feature of all, so that we can play the game forever, instead of start new, everytime the world is ruled complete by one kingdom. So like crusader kings. Look really forward to this
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