Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

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Warriors of Calradia,

Today we will be sharing an update for some of our current singleplayer and engine related priorities with you.

As a general note, stability and performance will continue to be a top priority for us. Beyond that, you will find some of our other goals listed below. Please note that this includes both broad and specific, as well as, shorter and longer term priorities.

  • Kingdom & Politics
    • Rebellions - This will take some time but we are working on them.
    • Granting/Relinquishing Fiefs
    • Improvements to Kingdom Decisions
  • Character System
    • We will continue to introduce missing or reworked perks for the remaining skills. Naturally, we will also fix bugged perks.
    • A child education feature that will allow players to shape their clan’s offspring before they come of age.
    • An option to disable birth, death and aging.
    • Skill Progression & Effects Balancing
  • Issues and Quests
    • Adding New Quests
    • Further Improvements to the Issue Creation Algorithm
  • Main Storyline Content
    • Conspiracy Progression Quests
    • Scene Notifications
  • Prisoner Recruitment Changes
  • Lame Horse Feature & Other Item Modifier Changes
  • The ability for players to break out prisoners from dungeons.
  • Pillaging conquered towns & castles.
  • Player Clan Party AI directives
  • Crafting Improvements
  • Simulation Health
    • Adjusting Clan Tiers
    • Balancing Security and Loyalty
    • Improving the Auto-Resolution of Battles
    • Economy

Combat, Cameras, Animations & More
  • Improvements to the campaign map camera.
  • Performance improvements and optimizations for combat.
  • Combat AI improvements for agents and formations in field battles and sieges.
  • Physics improvements and bug fixes.
  • Improvements to the Order of Battle system.
  • Multiple projectile support for some siege engines.
  • Spear Bracing
    • AI Implementation
  • Sally Out Mission Implementation
  • Animation Improvements
    • Baking balanced and unbalanced animations together.
    • New animations and poses for Education, cut-scenes and more.
  • Facegen Polish / Improvements
  • Mounted Penalty
  • Sound Occlusion
  • New music for taverns.

  • Performance Improvements
  • Modding Improvements
  • Crafting, Inventory and Party Screen Improvements
  • Launcher News, Battle Scoreboard, Combat Order UI and Tutorial Box Improvements
  • Gamepad usability improvements
  • Adding new scenes and improving existing ones.
  • Crafting pieces optimization.
  • Weapon scabbards improvements.
  • Additional new armor and costumes.
  • New tavern illustrations.

  • Fixing crashes and bugs for the stable & beta versions.
  • Performance & smoother gameplay improvements.
    • Optimizations for low-end PCs (especially low memory and HDD users)
    • Terrain performance improvements for the World Map.
  • Replay Editor
  • Modding tools bug fixes & improvements based on user feedback.
  • Modding tools documentation improvements.

  • Localization related work
  • Save Game Groups

Please keep in mind that these priorities are neither all-encompassing nor set in stone, and we will adjust them if the need arises.

Good news TW. Lot on the plate, keep it up!

P.S. Because this is cosmetic, and so it may come later, but don't forget weather art on the world map!
Option to command troops to switch from using short melee weapons (swords, axes) to spears? :smile:
Ofc I hope that formation wielding spears will once be normal effective most common fighting strategy in the open fields (not sieges)
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