Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

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I can't share a public release date at this time. I can, however, say that the development of content updates continues and that it will not be released this month.
Damn, obviously I would've much preferred it if we were likely to get it this month. Thank you for at least clarifying it.
Warriors of Calradia,
Welcome back for a new update on what we have planned for the upcoming months. First and foremost, we are working on the stability of our game servers. We are aware of the current issues and we already fixed some of the problems. Fixing the server issues is our top priority. We have many new features almost completed and ready to be experienced by you all:
  • In-game Voice Chat is in the final testing stage and will be going live very soon.
  • Duel Mode is in the final polishing stage and will be going live very soon.
  • Observer Mode is in the final testing stage and will be going live very soon.
  • Sound Occlusion is nearly done and will be featured on the next beta.
  • Many MP HUD and Lobby UI improvements have been finished.
  • Improvements on the Reporting Tools have been finished, including Kick Player and Mute All functions.
  • First part of the Level Progression system is nearly done, it will, later on, tie in with the Customization System.
  • Lots of new badges have been added.
  • Work on new Siege maps is almost complete and work is in progress on new Skirmish maps.
  • Fixes and Improvements on current maps are being made.
  • Improvements to Matchmaking Experience.

We are also working non-stop on improving and balancing the game following player feedback. We have been sending more frequent balance patches straight to live servers as promised and more will follow.
Current issues we are working on that are in various stages of development:

  • Knockdown/Get up and Dismount/Get up animation improvements
  • Certain swing related inconsistencies
  • Adding recovery delay to missed kicks
  • Crossbows being too accurate and too effective in close range.
Skirmish Mode
  • Cavalry being too impactful
  • Infantry being less impactful
Captain Mode
  • Separation of some Perks and some Troop Stats for Captain Mode
  • Ranged AI not being effective enough
  • Cavalry AI not being effective enough
  • AI abuses by player Captains
Siege and TDM
  • Increasing the cost of Cavalry units.
Other features that are in progress and are expected to arrive further down the road:
  • Customization System which allows the players to unlock new pieces of armor by playing and customize their characters.
  • Ranked Mode with Ranked Matches and player skill ranks.
  • Battle Mode. A single-life per round game mode.
When can Microsoft servers expect to have these features become playable?

Alternatively, Another added feature many of us will appreciate is to have Bucerelli mounted archers for empire as a courser or Cataphract option. Moreover to increase the quiver of Mamaluke archers. Also to have a larger quiver of Javelins for mounted cav, in order to make Battanian Cav relevant on Microsoft servers.

Thanks & best regards,

R. K. D.
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