Starting Age file location? Sandbox Mode

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Hi! I just wanted to post this thread to anyone who can help me regarding the Starting Age during the character creation on the Sandbox Mode.

I would like to change the Vanilla preset on Starting age from "20" | "30" | "40" | "50"
"16" | "18" | "20" | "25" | "30" | "35" .....etc.

I feel like that age preset needs more diversity so that players will be able to RP more.

However, I have a slight problem locating the necessary files associated with the Starting Age.
If anyone can point me to the location of the files themselves.
It will be a big contribution to this mini-mod that I am planning to make.


As the name suggests, it's in the SandboxCharacterCreationContent class, in a bunch of methods called StartingAge[___]OnConsequence and StartingAge[___]OnApply. (This in other words is hardcoded, so it can't be changed without writing code.)

Oh, and it's an Enum (SandboxAgeOptions).
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