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IMPORTANT: The guide will be moved to a google doc since I have run out of space to include everything available in Phantasy 2018. New link in following location to the guide that shall be updated to keep up with Phantasy Calradia!

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READ ME:  This post is a beginner's guide and reference manual for people playing Phantasy mod. The guide will be lengthy to cover as many topics as possible. If you are looking for something specific use ctrl + f and type in what you're looking for. 95% of the time you should be able to find what you need here (or at least a link leading to a post that covers the topic in more detail) if not, simply reply and ask specifically.

UPDATED: A complete overhaul of the two game mechanics Magic and Faith has been explained by guspav and edited by myself under the bold Game Mechanics and New Skills section. To skip to this area simply press ctrl + f on your keyboard then type in "An in-depth look" After doing so press enter until you find the bold section with a spoiler underneath.

The Factions
Let's start off with the factions, there are 13 in total meaning you will have plenty of options and a plethora of ways to mix and match your army with your play style. Each faction also has a unique* unit special to it.

Bleeding Throat Clan: Whole lotta choppy choppy and a lot of orcs. This kingdom is well known for 2-h wielders, throwing weapons, and mounted warg riders. They also have an orc shaman, don't be fooled these powerful mage-clerics will make quick work of lower tier units with volleys of Area of Effect (AoE) spells.

Delthersam Empire: Kingdom of Necromancers and the walking dead. The units coming from the villages are Mummy Conscripts which can level up into some pretty tough units. When joining this empire you should consider taking the Necromancy skill *Talked about in Game Mechanics* which will allow you to summon up several cheap undead monsters (at the cost of a good portion of your health) that cannot level up but are great in a pinch or in mass.

Dokohan Koldoff Alliance: Elf kingdom based around the mastery of magic and the bow. Top tier archers will decimate infantry lines, and truly their skills are rivaled only by the best Vaegir Marksmen. The top tier melee infantry are not slackers either including a cleric troop tree for increased melee support. Take note that ALL Elves have some form of ranged weapon.

House of Ken Urden: The Drow kingdom has a large arsenal of weapons at their disposal. Drow are naturally magic resistant and throwing knives are standard issue for most infantry. Drow also make use of the new Stealth mechanic/skill *Talked about in Game Mechanics* which allows attacks hitting the back of an enemy to do increased damage. A Good tactic would be to set these kind of units into their own troop division and make use of them by flanking.  Dark High Priestesses of Lolth will sometimes carry a healer's ring. *Talked about in New Items*

Norkrak Realm: Dwarf kingdom, strong and very durable with the natural magic resistance makes them some of the best heavy infantry. Dwarven engineering also allows for ranged units to carry either a crossbow or arquebus. With an affinity for metallurgy and a stout physical body the Dwarves of the Norkrak realm are a force to be reckoned with.

Order of Blazing Hand: A kingdom of knights hell-bent on destroying the evil of the land. Be careful, do not let your faith cloud your judgement as you will quickly become sanctimonious. Troop tree includes heavy infantry and heavy cavalry.

Ridas Magocracy: Mage kingdom, they have golems that can be used as a melee meat-shield while they cast magic that kills units in droves. As a mage your magic power skill will determine the damage of most magic spells. (Spells can be bought from Wizard's Tower, Shin'szaluk's Ladder, Elf Forest, and the Obsidian Spire) Staves can be used and after hitting X can allow you to use your magic power skill to gain extra damage.

All Native Factions: Native factions that have had a few changes to compensate for the new races. Changes include adding clerics and mercenary mages to their armies along with magic resistance on high-end troops. Each native faction also gets a unique unit. You can read more about these units under the troop tree section.

Demon: The demons are powerful units that roam the countryside including units like hellspawn and even fearsome Balrogs. Be prepared to take on a tough opponent that has access to fireballs and one-man army Balrogs, because these battles will not be easy with an underdeveloped warband.

List of Special Units in the "Troop Tree and Recruitment" section!

Character Creation:

1.) Character creation - There are no restrictions of Classes, all races can become any class.

The Races:

MaleSTR  AGI  INT  CHA  Skills:
Human    +0  +0  +0  +0  Persuasion +1, Leadership +3, Trading +2
Elf      -1  +1  +0  +0  Power Draw +2, Athletics +1, Magic Power +1
Drow    -2  +0  +2  +0  Riding -1, Magic Defense +5
Dwarf    +1  +0  +1  -2  Iron Flesh +4, Riding -1, Magic Defense +1
Orc      +1  +1  +0  -2  Power Strike +3, Athletics +2, Riding -1
Gnome    -2  +1  +3  -2  Athletics +3, Riding -1, Engineering +2

NOTE: Male dwarves and gnomes appear to incur a -1 INT, -2 CHA, -1 Power Strike, -1 Weapon Mastery, -1 Tactics, -1 Leadership, and -13 1H Weapon deduction for being of noble blood.
NOTE: Male humans appear to receive a boost of +1 Riding, +16 2H Weapon, +13 Polearm for being of noble blood.
NOTE: Male elves appear to receive a boost of +1 Power Draw and +32 Archery for being of noble blood.
NOTE: Male drow appear to receive a boost of +1 Power Throw and +32 Crossbow for being of noble blood.

Female: STR  AGI  INT  CHA  Skills:
Human    +0  +0  +0  +0  Persuasion +1, Leadership +3, Trading +2
Elf      -1  +0  +1  +0  Power Draw +1, Athletics +1, Magic Power +2
Drow    -1  -1  +0  +2  Riding -1, Magic Defense +5
Dwarf    +1  -1  +0  +0  Iron Flesh +4, Riding -1, Magic Defense +1
Orc      +1  +1  -1  -1  Power Strike +2, Athletics +3, Riding -1
Gnome    -1  -1  +2  +0  Athletics +2, Riding -1, Engineering +3

NOTE: Female dwarves and gnomes appear to incur a -2 INT, -1 CHA, -1 Power Strike, -1 Weapon Mastery, -1 Riding, -1 Leadership, and -13 1H Weapon deduction for being of noble blood.
NOTE: Female humans appear to receive a boost of +1 Riding, +1 Wound Treatment and +13 1H Weapon for being of noble blood.
NOTE: Female elves appear to receive a boost of +1 Magic Power, +1 Wound Treatment, and +16 Archery for being of noble blood.
NOTE: Female drow appear to receive a boost of +1 CHA, +1 Power Strike, +1 Power Throw, +1 Weapon Mastery, +1 Tactics, and +32 Crossbow and a -1 INT and -1 Riding deduction for being of noble blood.

            |      Stats      ||        Proficiency        |
Class:      STR  AGI  INT  CHA||1HW  2HW POLE ARCH XBOW THRW  Skills:
Mages        +0  +0  +2  +0|| +0  +0  +10  +0  +0  +20  Magic Power +2, Wound Treatment +1, Persuasion +1
Rogues        +0  +2  +0  +0||+30  +0  +0  +0  +0  +20  Power Draw +2, Athletics +1, Magic Power +1
Bards        +0  +0  +0  +2||+25  +0  +0  +0  +10  +0  Weapon Mastery +1, Persuasion +1 Entertainment +2, Leadership +1
Clerics      +0  +0  +0  +2||+20  +0  +0  +0  +0  +0  Wound Treatment +1, Surgery +1, Faith +2
Paladins      +1  +0  +0  +1||+30  +30  +0  +0  +0  +0  Power Strike +1, Weapon Mastery +1, Shield +1
Fighters      +2  +0  +0  +0||+30  +30  +30  +10  +10  +10  Iron Flesh +1, Power Strike +1, Weapon Mastery +1, Shield +1
Rangers      +1  +1  +0  +0|| +0  +0  +20  +35  +0  +0  Power Draw +1, Athletics +1, Tracking +3, Path Finding +2, Spotting +3
Necromancers  +0  +0  +2  +0|| +0  +0  +30  +0  +0  +0  Iron Flesh +1, Necromancy +2, First Aid +1
Barbarians    +3  +0  +0  +0||+20  +50  +10  +20  +0  +10  Iron Flesh +4, Weapon Mastery +2, Path Finding +1

Extra:      Gold  Honor  Special    |Equipment:
Mages        +40    +0  None      |Novice Rode, Gnarled Staff, Spell Book
Rogues        +20    +0  None      |Leather Armor, Boots, Throwing Knives (varies by race, but the previous 3 are a certain)
Bards        +80    +0  None      |Shirt, Hose, Hunting Crossbow, Bolts, Sword, Musical Instrument
Clerics      +100    +0  None      |Robe, Mace, Shield, Holy Symbol
Paladins      +10    +5  None**    |Tabard, Boots, Sword, Shield, Holy Symbol, Food
Fighters      +30    +0  None      |Decent Equipment (varies by race)
Rangers      +40    +0  None      |Leather Armor, Bow, Spear (Elves get Elven Leather Armor)
Necromancers +300    +0  None      |Basic Equipment, 5 Shadows
Barbarians    +50    +0  Blood Rage*|Boots, Hunting Bow, Arrows, 2H Axe

* Blood Rage: Every time a barbarian is struck in combat there is a chance to activate Blood Rage. What it does is that every time the barbarian is struck in combat, there is a chance that he/she will be enraged. Rage will boost the barbarian's melee damage by an amount proportional to the damage he was dealt in the attack that triggered the rage. It is expressed in percentiles, that means that if the barbarian gets a 300% damage, all strikes he or she deals until another rage is triggered, will cause 3x the damage they would do normally.

**Paladins receive lay on hands (Bottom right of the cleric book), and they start with varied relations with certain factions: Drow -20, Orcs -20, Necromancers -30, Blazing Hand +10.

-Thanks to Whoopstorm for the in-depth look at the character creation! NOTE: Some pieces were edited.

Game Mechanics and New Skills

Why do spells make me un-equip weapons or shields?

Different spells and spell types when used take up one of your four weapon slots. Depending on the type of spell it is depends on which weapon slot it uses. When choosing a thrown spell to cast it will take over your 2nd weapon slot in your inventory. The Shield spell will take the 3rd weapon slot, and the Magical weapon summons *like the Cleric's Spiritual Hammer* will take the fourth slot.

This means that a wizard will have 3 slots to put weapon or other items into their equipment if they only use thrown spells. Depending on the different variations of spells you like to use will determine how many slots of weapons you will have available. A high level wizard that uses thrown spells, shield summoning, and weapon conjuring, will only have their first slot available as a personal weapon of choice, but they will be able to throw magic spells, conjure magic weapons, and summon a shield to supplement this. You can mix and match to your liking and as you acquire new abilities, or to the variation of battles. One siege you may want to use a heavy board shield rather than summoning a shield so as to conserve mana!
Party Morale and Good vs. Evil

In Phantasy the party morale system has been slightly changed to better suit the heavily D&D inspired world. With the addition of new factions and races a form of role-playing was done to reform the party morale system to best indicate a form of alignment. If you have a group of Blazing Hand troops, a faction solely dedicated to the destruction of the undead and demons, then it would make sense that harboring any undead or demons would heavily affect the party's morale. Below is a list indicating which factions and units, when mixed, can cause party morale problems.

Elves and Drow do not like each other

Elves and Orcs do not like each other

Dwarves and Drow do not like each other

Dwarves and Orcs do not like each other

Mages and Dark Mages do not like each other

The living (except for evil troops) do not like the undead *evil troops are orcs, drows, demons and mummies*

Dark Mages will help you control the undead and increase morale

Constructs (i.e. Golems) will not be affected by demons or undead

What are these red notifications at the bottom left about Unholy Knights, Orcs, and etc. assembling for?

These are red armies which are bands of units that appear on the map, sort of like high level bandits with better loot!
The "red armies" do scale a little bit. They have a minimum and maximum number for each troop type that scales automatically with the character level, so they should get bigger and tougher the more the main character grows. They are all, except for the undead army and the unholy knights, of the outlaw faction so relations with the outlaws may suffer, but that isn't usually a big deal. The other two parties are members of the free undead faction, same as all free roaming undead. They are another kind of outlaw, except they will be hostile towards other outlaws.
There are no special rewards except the treasures every encounter may carry, that is, not only equipment, but for instance unholy knights and greedy dwarves may carry gems that are quite valuable. These "red armies" will spawn throughout the world, and if you notice the notification it can give you an idea of where to look!

How did the orcs get so many units? Each vassal has almost 2000 or more!

The "horde event" is supposed to happen only once after a week of game time, it will strengthen the orcs considerably and it should make them powerful enough to get some Sarranid and Khergit  towns or castles. All other factions get a troop boost after a game day, not as large as the orc one, but it will help them survive in case they go to war against a native faction.
Every month for the first game year, all fantasy factions will get reinforcements, that is an additional troops boost, but not very large, as long as their capital town remains theirs.

Game Mechanics/Skills explanation: The link below is a post made by guspav detailing how magic , necromancy, stealth (sneak attacks), the entertain skill, and cleric powers (now faith) work.
EDIT: Some of the information on that page may not be updated yet. Instead a spoiler underneath "An in-depth look" will detail the rework of magic/faith.,276405.0.html

NEW! Faith Skill: Faith is a newly added skill for all the clerics (and your player!). The skill will be a representation of what level "divine" abilities the cleric/paladin is able to cast. There are now 4 cleric/paladin skills usable in the prayer book. *The spoiler directly underneath will give the mechanics behind how the flame strike divine spell works, and the spoiler underneath the "An in-depth look" will explain all the new mechanics of Faith and Magic spells.

Right now you need a faith level of 5+ to cast Flame Strike (this also applies for all cleric npcs). The level of your faith skill and the armor of your enemy are factored in when determining damage by faith*8 - armor score. The flame strikes will cast every once in a while, the check is every 25 seconds, but first there's a 1d8 roll and on a 1-3 result it fires. This is all subject to change as testing progresses. Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when you have 5 faith skill. The casting animation of the spell causes you to raise your shield and sword which leaves you vulnerable to attack especially missile fire which will get you killed quickly in sieges.

An in-depth look at the new mage/cleric magic system using Spell Books/Prayer Books respectively.
Mage spells (dependent on magic power):
For magic to work you'll now need three things: at least 1 point in magic power, a spell book, and a scroll containing a spell (or, in the case of mages, just the first two).
If you choose in the beginning to become a mage apprentice you'll get a spell book and the knowledge of the magic missile spell (sort of like it was before).
Spell books are just items sitting in the inventory, but spell casting will be impossible without them. Spell books will store spells learned from scrolls (just like in D&D) , so once you get a spell book and a new scroll, you need to open the camp menu and choose the write scroll option. Once you do that, the spell will be activated in the spell book and the scroll will be lost
Some spells might not be learned if your magic power isn't enough, so they do have a minimum spell power requirement to learn.

While in battle, the spell book can be activated via the "B" key and closed by either choosing a spell or pressing the "V" key.
Once the spell book is activated a list of known spells will be displayed in a menu in which you'll be able to choose any of your known spells. Clicking on any of your known spells will automatically equip it and subtract an amount of magic points to your magic points total (displayed as a blue bar). Weapon inventory slots 2 and 3 are reserved for magic usage, so mages may only equip items in the first and last weapons slots. Slot 2 is used for thrown spells like fireball or magic missile and slot 3 is for the shield spell (new).
Spell ammo has been radically altered so it changes accordingly to the amount of magic points you have. For example, fireball uses up 20 magic points and you get 10 magic points for every point you invest in magic power, so a mage with a magic power score of 6 (and therefore 60 magic points), will be able to throw 3 fireballs before running out of magic.
Magic missile has been modified. Every few magic power levels another magic missile will be created while firing for a total of 5 with a magic power score of 10. Magic missile is still the cheapest spell and with this modification it will be far more useful than before.
The new shield spell equips a magical shield on weapon slot 3, it is not very durable, but it can be created as many times as needed, so long as there are some magic points left to cover the cost.
NPCs will equip spells via a script instead of using  the item slots, so for them only the first weapon slot will be fixed, the other 3 will be equipped with spells. So far from the companions, only Rasreira and Aedan may cast mage spells. I will add an option for converting other NPC companions to a mage class later (affected by that script, that is).
NPC mages will also use spell points and will have different spells equipped depending on their magic power score.
Magic points regenerate over time. Every 4 seconds you recover one magic point, so it is perfectly viable, to throw a couple of big cost spells and then start throwing cheap ones.

Cleric spells
Cleric spells and the prayer book work similarly to mage spells, but there is one very big difference: While cleric spells are fewer, they are learned automatically and do not require spell books or scrolls. For a cleric player to cast cleric spells he/she will only need a holy or unholy symbol in his/her inventory.
In battle the prayer book is opened by pressing the "N" key and it is closed by either choosing a spell or pressing the "V" key.
Current cleric spells are: Heal, Turn Undead and Flame Strike.
Heal and Flame Strike use up prayer points (represented by the white bar) and work identically to magic points. Turn Undead may be used at any faith level and without cost, but is influenced by the faith score so a higher faith will produce far more successful turn/destroy undead attempts. While Turn Undead doesn't cost any faith points, its cool down time is 2 minutes. Turn undead may only be used while on foot.
There is one more spell that appears in the prayer book and that is the Lay on Hands spell. That one is reserved only for paladin characters and depends on the honor score. You'll need at least a honor score of 5 and the amount healed (for paladin only) will be the same as the honor score, so in the beginning it won't be very useful, but can help the paladin patch up a little bit without faith point cost. Lay on Hands uses the same cool down time and variable as Turn Undead so you can either Turn Undead or Lay on Hands once every 2 minutes.

NEW! Unicorn Regeneration: Unicorns now give a slow regeneration to the rider's and a much larger one to themselves. This is effective on the player and the Dokohan Koldoff Alliance's Unicorn Riders.

Necromancy Shadow Summoning: Shadows in Phantasy are summoned by having a level 8 necromancy skill and a base hp above 50. AKA 51+!!

Becoming A Lich/Undead: What's that necromancer? Summoning undead and having to eat just not your style? Don't worry, Phantasy's got you covered. Get 8 or more necromancy skill then look in the camp for the option called Lichdom. It will give you a list of items to acquire for Lichdom: a mithril bar, an azure gem, a dawn gem, a royal gem, a scroll of vampiric bolt, and 50000 denars. After you gather the items you'll get the option of finally becoming a powerful Lich!

Here's a list of Pros/Cons to the Lich!

- They are immune to charm and chaos spells
- They don't need food (need to verify that)
- They have a fear aura around them that will  make weak enemies run away immediately
- They get a 3 bonus in Intelligence (mundane troubles of mortals don't bother then anymore and thus are more focused)
- They look badass as evil warlords

- They get a 3 penalty in Charisma and a 2 penalty in Agility (they are walking corpses so they aren't pleasant to look at and they are stiffer than living beings)
- Most factions will consider them abominations and will try to destroy them on sight
- They can be turned/destroyed by high level clerics
- White bolts will damage them.

Enhance Magic: How it works and the various Enhance Magic Sets! (Direct quote from Guspav)

Armor Magic Power Bonuses:
  Twilight Armor = 1 
  Novice Robe = 1
  Elven Mail Shirt= 1
  Mithril Maille = 1
  Apprentice Robe = 2
  Vedmak Armor = 2
  Journeyman Robe & Dark Robe= 4
  Djanni Mail Shirt= 5
  Adept Robe & Night Robe= 6
  Balrog Body= 6
  Expert Robe & Dread Robe = 8
  Master Robe & Void Robe = 12
  Archmage Robe= 16

Hats and Helmets
  Novice Hat, Novice Hood, Twilight Helm, Death Knight Helm = 1
  Apprentice Hat = 1
  Journeyman Hat, Dark Hood = 3
  Adept hat, Balrog head, Night hood = 6
  Expert Hat, Expert Hood, Dread Hood = 9
  Master Hat, Master Hood, Void Hood = 12
  Archmage Hat, Archmage Hood = 15

Staff Bonuses
    Gnarled Staff= 1
    Journeyman Staff= 1
    Adept Staff, Shaman Staff = 2
    Expert Staff = 3
    Necromancer's Staff, Master Staff = 4
    Archmage Staff = 6 

Each of these numbers adds itself proportionately to the magic power skill score on every spell formula.
If any other armor and helmets are worn (ones that are not enhance magic) the score, to either the robe factor or the hat factor, will become 0.
If by adding both robe and hat factor the result is 0, there will be a -5 penalty to the multiplier *Multiplier being one of the numbers that helps determine your spell damage by "amplifying" the power of the spell*, so in theory you could wear metal armor and a wizard's hat or a wizard's robe and a metal helmet, but the bonuses you'll get will be significantly lower. If you get the -5 penalty, the spell's total magic power will be seriously lowered and could make some spells nearly useless.
For the time being there are no magic enhancing boots or gauntlets, but that could change in the near future. Currently these do not factor into the magic damage multiplier mentioned before.

Specific Spells:

Magic missile: practically a "sidearm spell"with a lot of ammo. It does low damage, but is quick to fire and isn't affected by spell power or spell resistance, it IS affected by power throw though. It can be fired over long distances and can also be used on horseback.

Fireball: Has an area of effect damage of 7 meters and also causes direct hit damage which is affected by power throw. Area damage is calculated using magic power vs magic resistance + armor value. It is a bit slow to cast and has good range, but cannot be used on horseback.

Black bolt: is an interesting spell that causes damage to a single target. Living creatures might also become panicked if they fail a check when hit by the bolt. Damage is caused almost exclusively by the magic power vs magic defense score, armor also comes into play.

Lightning Bolt: Has an area of effect of 3 meters, but causes a large amount of damage. Like fireball direct hits are affected by power throw and area of effect damage is calculated similarly.

White bolt: it works like Diablo's holy bolt. It basically heals living creatures and damages undead in an area of 2 meters. It doesn't matter whether the targets are friends or foes, they will always be affected, so it's possible to destroy one's own undead or heal one's enemies with this (major reason why no AI controlled troops is equipped with it).

Vampiric bolt: it's a dark fire bat that will only hit single targets, difficult to aim and with moderate range. It will cause damage based on the magic power score and will also recover the caster 10 hp if it hits.

Hellish bolt: this one is used only by Drow priestesses and mummy priests (so far). It is basically a good throwing weapon with a funky shape and some sound, doesn't do anything else.

Charm person: As you may suspect, this one will try to convert a single living enemy (no undead or golems) to your team for the duration of the battle only. Success depends again on power and resistance.

Flame arrow: It's a very powerful single target spell. It has the largest damage multiplier  and can be used on horseback, but unlike most other single target spells it's ammo is more limited. Power and resistance also affect it.

Acid arrow: Direct hit spell. When a creature is struck, it has a chance of dealing acid damage (the more magic defense of the victim, the less likely). Acid damage will deal 1 hp of damage per second for 20 seconds, it doesn't matter what armor the victim is wearing. The spell will also affect horses.

Darkness: Direct hit spell. If a creature is struck with darkness, it will have it's ranged accuracy greatly reduced for a few seconds. It has also the chance of spreading to nearby troops and darkening them as well. Whether it works or not also depends on the magic defense of the victim.

Haste: Will double the speed of the caster and all nearby troops. The effect will last for a minute. If a slow spell is cast on a hasted troop, both effects will be canceled (in theory).

Slow: Area of effect spell. When thrown at enemies, it has a chance of making them move at half speed. Resistance to the spell depends on the magic defense of the victim.

Magical Weapon: Summons a sword made of pure magic to the 4th weapon slot. The sword is quite good as a melee weapon (much better than most staffs).

Charge Staff: Charges a mage's staff with magical energy that drains 4 magic points after each strike. The strike damage will be increased depending on both the staff and the wielder's magic power score. It replaces the former "kill mode" of all staffs. Only mage staffs will be affected excepting the Necromancer's Staff and the Shaman Staff.

Dispel: Removes all effects, both good and bad from the caster and surrounding troops regardless of teams.

Chaos: Highest tier spell so far. Will cause enemies in an area of effect to do one of the following things every second: run away, switch teams, slow down, stop running away. The spell's effect lasts for 60 seconds unless dispelled before. This spell will greatly disrupt enemy formations and can easily change the tides of battles. As it is a very powerful spell, it is quite expensive to cast. Resistance to the effects depend on the magic defense score of the victims.

Shield: Literally what it says, it gives the user a magic shield that drains mana to block attacks!

Specific Faith Abilities/Spells:

Spiritual Hammer: This spell will summon a magical hammer to be either thrown or used in melee. The melee and thrown modes are switched by the usual "X" key. Please note that if you only can afford one hammer, you won't be able to throw it, so you'll need at least 30 faith points. Once you throw a hammer another 15 faith points will be subtracted from your faith points bar.

Harm: The reversed heal spell will cause damage based on the faith skill to enemies around the caster in a 3 meter radius.

Bless: Will increase the melee damage by a percentage (e.g. 150%) based on the faith skill of the caster.

Curse: The reversed Bless spell will cause enemies around the caster to decrease their attack damage by a percentage (e.g 50%). The spell's power depends on the faith skill of the caster.

Bravery: Will render every allied troop around the caster immune to fear effects.

Terror: Will attempt to make nearby enemy troops run away. Undead and constructs are immune to the effect. Resistance to fear is calculated using the victim's level, thus a higher level victim will be much harder to frighten than a lower one.

Why aren't my spells doing damage? If you keep hitting 0's on heavily armored people when you have high intelligence and high magic power then a couple things are happening. First, the damage shown in the chat log is how much the actual throw itself is causing which can be negated by armor, but the damage from the lightning/fire of the AoE will be done and not shown. This creates the illusion that your spells are doing nothing to heavily armored units. In reality, the damage from the lightning/fire is much more significant than the landing spell-throw so focus more on how many people you can get inside your AoE before throwing rather than the damage counter at the bottom.

New/Magical Items: These include several D&D based weapons along with new armor pieces. Some of the weapons include Dagger of Throwing, Arquebus, Adamantium weapons, Maul of the Titans, Drow Weaponry (Scythe, Glaive, and more!), Dwarven Thrower, Elven blades/bows, and staffs. To obtain the magical items head for the Four Ways Inn (below Dhirim) and look for the shady Drow named Tardareth. Tardareth keeps several magical items in stock at a time! Visit him often to check for various magical items.

NEW ITEMS LIST!: Suminagashi has done a great compiling a post with a large variety of the enchanted weapons found at four ways inn, and a couple other ones. A link to his post is below! The list also includes the price of each item, AND a screenshot of each detailing stats!,312754.0.html

Thanks to guspav for a description on each spell, information on the "horde event"/"red armies", and the in depth look at skill mechanics.

Bugs and Bug Fixes

Sub-Patches: Several bugs can be fixed by simply changing your text files. (which will allow you to play your version until the next patch comes out fixing it completely!) The link below leads to a topic by guspav detailing the known ones. Look for the solution in this post.,276401.0.html

If you are unable to find your answer post in the topic below, and if the bug is easily patched it will be posted into the Sub-Patches post by guspav.,276392.0.html

Troop Tree and Recruitment
guspav has posted a topic about troop trees so here is the link.,276381.0.html

How do I obtain Females from the Dokohan Koldoff Alliance, House of  Ken Urden, and Order of Blazing Hand? What about the Golems? The unique units?

If you get a high enough relation with the faction (10) you will be able to recruit a small group of people from the towns. The group is a mixture of people including females. There are four kinds of golems all coming from the Ridas Magocracy by having a good relation. The golems are recruit-able from the town (Wizard's Tower). At 10 relation you are able to recruit clay and stone golems, and at 25 relation you are finally able to recruit the iron and silver versions.

For the unique units you need to have at least 50 relation with the native factions to recruit them at any of their cities.
The super troops are as follows:

Swadian: Knights of the King : very powerful heavy knights
Vaegir: Vedmaks: Mage hunters, very resistant to magic and good in melee combat
Khergit: Wolfwere Windrunners : very fast running, carry big glaives
Nord: Valkyries: powerful female riders in bronze armor, good with melee and thrown weapons
Rhodok: Swashbucklers: very fast light infantry, carry rapiers and side swords. The best swordsmen in the mod
Sarranid: Djann: powerful fighter-mages

NOTICE! - A forum poster (just a bandit) has set up a series of photos including an in-game model and a picture of each special unit's stats in the link below. There is also a video demonstrating the combat prowess of these units. If you go to the link and scroll down the page you will find his post which includes all of the pictures along with the video link.

Phantasy Warfare and Tactics
With the new addition of mages, clerics, and other factions in Calradia, it comes as no surprise that tactics need to change. If you have attacked a seemingly small and harmless group of outlaws with a bandit mage, then you know exactly what I'm about to say. Mages in this mod can kill many low level units in quick succession with their AoE spells. Now while only medium-high tier mages have access to these spells it is still enough to cause a lot of trouble especially early on. I'll talk about different tactics to use during battles and sieges to deal with these sowers of destruction.

Mages in Battle: Out in the open field *especially early on* one or two mages with AoE spells will waste your peasants/infantry. One of the best things to do is fight fire with fire. Grab some mercenary mages from the tavern or a couple from the Ridas Magocracy villages. If only two mages are present on the opposing force you can try to kill them off yourself. This can be very dangerous without practice as they are pretty accurate and extremely deadly when you have little armor/magic resistance. Cavalry is a good way to distract them and it will at least redirect fire from your main force. One horseman dieing is a lot better than 15 infantry. If your force is caught off guard in the worst scenario possible with only low level melee units then have your infantry spread out(F2-F3), and then use the advance 10 paces command (F2-F1). This will cause the AoE spells to be less effective and make it harder for them to hit your troops.

Mages in Siege:With the addition of mages in sieges it can either be what saved you or what killed you. When attacking castles/towns with mages on the wall that means getting up the ladder is harder than ever before. Fireballs, Lightning Bolts, and basically everything else under the sky, is coming right at your troops that are all huddled together trying to get up the ladder/siege tower. Prepare to take losses and a lot of them. Best bet in these situations is to have high Magic resistance troops in a separate division (Inf,Archers,Cav,ETC) you can send them first to take the initial burst. Set your archers and mages up in an area that gives them the best angle to hit people on the wall. Come prepared and bring archers/mages to thin out the enemy on the wall. In defense set your mages up where they have a clear view of the masses storming your castle be it coming up the ladder or huddled at the bottom. Sit back and laugh diabolically as the turquoise text floods in.

Clerics in Battle:Clerics are a wonderful addition to any army as a support role that can take a lot of hits and have an amazing heal script that activates every two minutes (in battle/siege). Clerics have a fairly high magic resistance, Good HP, Good Shield Skill, a healing script, and tough armor. Let's start off with the healing script which is the trademark of Clerics/Priestess. The healing script activates every two minutes while in battle and does a check for surrounding units that have less than 80% health. If a unit is detected meeting the conditions then the script heals the unit(and himself) in 3 meter radius for 20 hp. *Note - there is also an animation of light floating upwards so you will know when the heal goes off* The clerics have all these amazing abilities and are so strong! Why not just have only clerics? It's simple really, they don't do much damage. With little to no power strike and weak maces, they are meant to be support for your faction's other infantry.

Clerics in Siege:So now we know that clerics are great support. Where do they fit in when it comes to sieges? Sieges last a long time which means archers and mages will kill plenty of your units before you even get close. A way to save some lives is by having your forces pull back in the beginning. Retreat back a bit while telling your clerics (in a diff division so as not to send infantry) to move forward. The clerics will act as a meat shield for your army. With high defense capabilities (Good shield/armor for the archers and magic resist for the mages) along with a wonderful heal script they can minimize your losses. During the first part of the siege after setting up your clerics gather up your archers/mages to give them their best angle of attack on the walls. After the opposing side has whittled down some you can send in your shock force of infantry to clean house. When some of your infantry start hitting the ladders have your clerics charge in with them. This will cause the clerics to be amongst the main infantry force, now taking the damage, to support and heal them.



I really look forward to working with the new Faith skill.  Your mod is really great!  Loads of fun.  Thanks for the hard work.


Kendoman said:
I really look forward to working with the new Faith skill.  Your mod is really great!  Loads of fun.  Thanks for the hard work.

The mod is made by guspav, I volunteered to help relieve the load by making an extensive and organized beginner's guide / reference material for vets to help him. I'm glad you are looking forward to the new skills! Faith is my absolute favorite since I play a cleric style character. :smile:

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The_Shogun said:
Just wanted to make sure that I can use both faith and necromancy right?

Yeah, nothing's stopping you. There have always been evil clerics in Dungeons and Dragons. There are some in the game right now, too. Players just don't have access to their skills (yet).


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MasterChaosis said:
Yep, but Paladin class can't use Necromancy and Stealth :grin:
Hehe you tried to do it, didn't you? :wink:
Paladins, being honorable, good and chivalrous won't be allowed to use them. I might impose such limits to other classes later as well.
Maybe allow clerics to only use a small list of weapons?


Yes, fortunately that was imported character with some undealt skill points so I just import him again :grin:
Necromancer (and other evil classes if You will want to add some in future, like Death Knight, Demonic Warrior or Summoner/Cultist) should have acces to dark clerics abilities but not acces to "light" clerics powers, maybe new skill to do that.
I really like the idea of Jack of all trades class who will not have any initial bonuses, but you can learn everything, just some sort of custom class.
Maybe allow clerics to only use a small list of weapons?
I don't know that type of limitation (weapons) is good, maybe just make some weapons unplayable for some classes like Vorpal Sword can not be used by Paladins and Clerics, and Holy Avenger by bad classes. Other "neutral" classes should can use all weapons, but "holy" and "evil" weapons would be weaker in their hands.


I find restriction interesting and very D&D.  I find this mod very Nostalgic and rewarding to play.  The more like classic D&D the better.  We really need healing potions and more magic weapons.


I would love to have some more stuff like healing potions. Maybe even the Healer's Kit (basing it off first aid skill) that could be used maybe outside of battle in the case of you taking a lance to the face in the previous battle. This could really help during times of a campaign or ambush when you would normally be unable to fight due to such a low hp and would have to resort to auto-resolve. The kits wouldn't heal much, but they could give you a couple extra % so that you are able to lead your troops. Though as a cleric I have to express my opposition to weapon restrictions :razz:. In D&D clerics can get proficiencies in almost all weapons. Though items that are evil and etc are understandable. At the same time I believe a system should be made to determine if you can hold the weapon considering some people would play an "evil" cleric/paladin rather than a good one.

Side note: A brand new section that includes companions will be coming up soon due to the awesome ability to change them into clerics/mages. Along with that I'll also add in the part about paladins unable to do necromancy/stealth! Giving credit to MasterChaosis because he mentioned it before anyone else (that I know of).


guspav said:
Maybe allow clerics to only use a small list of weapons?

I never undestood the need for such restrictions, even in pen and paper campaigns.  I understand how it came about, when Gygax and Arneson were modeling clerics in D&D and extrapolating from medieval European historical examples, but the picture they painted applies only to priests of certain human deities.  Priests are supposed to reflect their diety, and their culture.  I always imagined dwarven priests would use axes, elven priests bows and/or longswords, drow priest(ess) whatever they liked, etc.  Later D&D source books went with that view (in detail that is beyond the scope of a M&B mod).

As far as balance goes, a mace and a longsword are about as damaging, so why limit the choice?  When it comes to bows and thrown weapons, there is the point investment in skills, the same balancer that is always used in Mount and Blade.  A character can be a powerful archer and caster, eventually, but they are losing somewhere else.

- Teggs


Teggs said:
guspav said:
Maybe allow clerics to only use a small list of weapons?

I never undestood the need for such restrictions, even in pen and paper campaigns.  I understand how it came about, when Gygax and Arneson were modeling clerics in D&D and extrapolating from medieval European historical examples, but the picture they painted applies only to priests of certain human deities.  Priests are supposed to reflect their diety, and their culture.  I always imagined dwarven priests would use axes, elven priests bows and/or longswords, drow priest(ess) whatever they liked, etc.  Later D&D source books went with that view (in detail that is beyond the scope of a M&B mod).

As far as balance goes, a mace and a longsword are about as damaging, so why limit the choice?  When it comes to bows and thrown weapons, there is the point investment in skills, the same balancer that is always used in Mount and Blade.  A character can be a powerful archer and caster, eventually, but they are losing somewhere else.

- Teggs



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Mace it blunt damage which goes through armor. Sword is cut damage and get reduced by armor. By getting your no power strike cleric a sword, you are actually nerfing him against top tier troops with 50+ body armor. Cleric should be left alone with those maces, but a increase in iron flesh and magic defense. I mean they should be formidable against everything.


Why do I fall off my horse sometimes when I'm randomly fighting a group of enemies? It usually causes me to lose a battle that I should have won.


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Magic. If not from random javelin or bolt or someone killing your horse, then your horse got hit by magic.


I wanna know if applying throwing skill would make the magic do more damage, since the magic is a throwing weapon, I think.


HowardAnton said:
I wanna know if applying throwing skill would make the magic do more damage, since the magic is a throwing weapon, I think.

It really only affects some of the direct hit spells like Magic Missile, Missile Storm, and others like that. Even though they do affect it from my knowledge it's not enough to dump a lot of points into it.
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