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Summary: Start campaign married with beatiful Ashley or edit files to your desire to start with married whoever you want by your side. (you can change to male)


This is the mod which allows you to start campaign married with beatiful Ashley. OR you can edit files to your desire to start with married whoever you want by your side.

  • You can change your spouse's gender as male.
  • You can change look, name, skills, traits, mother, father etc...
  • You can make her daughter of Lucon and Rhagaea :smile:
  • You don't need Gay Marriage mod for starting new campaign with a gay marriage. (As you can see in pictures, I started with two females married, this is without any other mods.)

This mod needs new campaign to take effect.

I have a plan to create documentation about how make this changes but no promises.

* Nexus Mods' Vortex can be used for install / uninstall.

Manual installation

After downloading the mod just extract zStartCampaignMarried folder into the Modules folder of game.
Path to Modules folder is like below:

...\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules

I suggest using 7-zip, I'm using for years, it is free, functional and fast.

Do not forget to activate mod in launcher when starting game.

There is no specific instruction for load order. This mod will work anywhere between under Sandbox and bottom of the list.

Manual uninstall

Remove the folder you copied.

Save Game Compatibility

This mod should NOT be uninstalled if you want to continue your campaign you started married. You can load your save game but Ashley will seen as Ex-Spouse and game will crash if you try to open your profile at Encyclopedia.

My mods on Nexus: Naked Females / Faster Movement / Throwing Arrow / Less Damage / Start Campaign Married .
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