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The last couple patches have been great in my opinion for the game. Cav feels great now, the nerf to horse armor makes them still just as deadly but now they have to be way more careful in their gameplay. Throwing weapons feel good, they are great against cav and un organized infantry. Archers do enough damage to support a team while also able to finish kills. Inf also feels nice too, they can rush archers and also can actually take down cav too now.

NOW, there needs to be content added. Take a break from balance patches as we want to see new content in the game. There has been nothing new added in months. The last map added was to captains mode. Give this meta more time as most players are content with how each class plays out. We need stuff that will bring players back, Custom Servers, game modes, maps and a UI rework.

Here is a list of items the community wants:
-Once a game is over, dont kick us out, just auto search for the next game
-Chicago servers (east and west split the 20 people who actually play)
-Server counter(there's not enough people playing, let us know where the homies are at)
-character customization while you search
-Voice chat
-get better servers please, they are ass
-Ability to maybe ping points or something, some people are clueless on multiplayer

-fix performance issues on some maps like trading post(A flag)
- Ability to Select spawn on maps!
- yall can drop 20 maps for single player but you cant drop a map for multiplayer...... come on

Game modes
-Keep skirmish (yall are about to add that to single player, add that **** to multiplayer as a skirmish or mini tdm game mode)
- Generals mode (someone has more specifics in a different thread, but its a overall great idea)
- horde mode
- Battle ( warband classic, add this to bannerlord)
- CASUAL MODES( i feel bad for new players when they hop into skirmish to get stoned to death by sweats like me)

Idk what the develop team is doing, you guys just need to write 1 paragraph about what is up with multiplayer development and i will be happy. We know you see this **** because the balances made are based on the community. I get you guys hate us but it is making the multiplayer community hate the game.
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